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To revise is a crucial skill in preparing for exams. As end of year exams edge closer, revision will form a crucial part of your strategy to achieve your best results in an exam.

But when is the best time to revise? Is it during the day? Is it during the night?

What is revising?

Revision is the most commonly used term to describe studying for an exam. It generally involves going through notes in order to learn the subject, however it can also encompass various different revision methods.

Revision is a personal, individual process. Different people have different preferred techniques and different psychological and life contexts in which to fit their revision. 

It is an individual process as each person has varying:

  •  sets of knowledge and understandings
  •  responses to the stress of the revision and exam period
  •  preferred revision techniques
  •  life contexts

Why is revision important?

The revision process has two main benefits:

  1.  It helps you to remember facts, figures and topics that you have not covered in a while.
  2. It helps increase your confidence and reduce anxiety.

Is it best to revise during the day?

We’re all designed to be morning people. Our society is structured to being active throughout daylight hours. Here are five benefits of revising during the day:

Reason 1: Sunlight

Natural light is proven at helping people have greater productivity, as well as being happier, healthier and calmer. On the flip side, articifical light from a phone or laptop can strain your eyes and disrupt your sleep.

Reason 2: You’re more awake

Your brain refreshes overnight, so students studying earlier in the day benefit from a more energised mind.

Reason 3: It reduces late nights

A lack of sleep can affect you for up to four days.

Reason 4: Everything is open

If you need to take a break, for a snack etc – everything is open which makes breaks more accessible, and means you do not spend time overwhelming the brain by revising for long periods.

Reason 5: Contact people who can help you

If you revise during the day, you can make contact with your family, friends and tutors who can help you if you get stuck. This is less likely to be accessible if you revise during the night.

Is it best to revise at night?

Reason 1: Peace and Quiet

Revising at night can mean fewer distractions. Less contact with friends during revision hours, may therefore have its benefits.

Reason 2: Sleeping after studying can help memory

Sleep helps your brain process information. According to German researchers, taking a nap after revision can increase information retention by five times.

Reason 3: Energy Levels

Energy levels can increase and decrease throughout the day, whereas at night they are more likely to be at a consistent level. If energy levels are constant, it correlates to increased concentration

Reason 4: You can feel more creative

It has been scientifically proven that your brain is more creative at night. Your frontal cortex, which processes information, becomes more wearing – and you’re more creative, idea-provoking part of the brain tends to be more responsive.

Reason 5: You can procrastinate during the day

By revising at night, it means your daily schedule is not interrupted. You can see friends, without letting them down. Ultimately, revising at night means you’re less likely to miss out on something fun.

In conclusion: when is the best time to revise?

Revision is personal preference, but routine ensures you are preparing your brain for activity at certain times. For example, your brain will get used to revising at 7pm every day.

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