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The education sector is evolving and adapting to accommodate the specific needs of students. These students with medical, behavioural or mental health challenges need a solution that can allow them to thrive and reach their education potential.

Off-site direction is used to support students with primarily behavioural challenges that are hindering their academic progress and personal development. Could an online or hybrid approach be more suited to these types of learners so they can focus their attention on their education?

“38. Depending on the individual needs and circumstances of the pupil, off-site direction into alternative provision can be full-time or a combination of part-time support in alternative provision and continued mainstream education.”

Off-site direction can be used in several ways combining part-time timetables, online methods and supportive reintegration strategies to ensure a child is on the right track. Online learning can help students reinvent themselves and rediscover their passion for learning. Let’s take a look at five benefits that online learning can display when using an off-site direction.

1. Cost-effectiveness and resource optimisation

Online learning eliminates the need for physical travel, uniform costs and other expenses that can be costly for both families and schools. This cost-efficiency can allow schools to allocate resources more effectively and reinvest their budget into other areas that require support. Additionally, online learning platforms can provide asynchronous learning for students allowing them to learn at their own pace at a time most suitable for them

2. Tailored learning experiences

Online learning platforms enable the creation of personalised learning experiences, accommodating the specific needs and abilities of students. Online learning can allow students with behavioural challenges to engage with a curriculum that they can follow which tests their knowledge at a suitable rate.

3. Tracks progress easier

Students can use online platforms to better track their academic development. This can enable them to visibly see their progress, such as through RAG statuses, to see their areas for improvement and what they are excelling at. In addition to this, students can regain more confidence in their education using an online off-site direction as they can strategise and focus on specific topics more.

4. Eliminates pressure from others

Certain online platforms can allow students to work independently away from any peer-to-peer pressure or distractions from their work. Students with behavioural challenges, in particular those who get into disagreements with classmates, can benefit from online learning as they won’t have to interact with anyone if they choose.

5. Aids successful reintegration

Positively reintegrating students is a desired goal for schools and leaders. Online learning can help students gradually reintegrate once they feel comfortable. Government guidance states:

“27. Schools should support pupils to reintegrate successfully into school life and full-time education following a suspension (this may also be after a cancelled exclusion) or period of off-site direction. They should design a reintegration strategy that offers the pupil a fresh start; helps them understand the effect of their behaviour on themselves and others; teaches them to how meet the high expectations of behaviour in line with the school culture; fosters a renewed sense of belonging within the school community; and builds engagement with learning.”

Using an off-site direction you can trust

EDClass’s online alternative provision can fully support students for an off-site direction, managed move or other scenarios. One-to-one support is provided by UK-qualified teachers for students learning online via text or video chat.

A massive intent is targeted to aid a positive reintegration for these students. The system allows students to assimilate with the curriculum, builds their knowledge and supports their personal development. This is done through continuous assessment, pastoral support and career and further education support.

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