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Implementing a successful online alternative provision can be achieved if due diligence checks are completed by a school to ensure the provision provides high-quality education.

EDClassRodillian Academy Logo had the privilege of speaking to the head of year 7, David Paul from Rodillian Academy, to discuss how they have successfully implemented the EDClass platform. David also highlighted key areas and challenges that are currently present in the education sector that need addressing.

Current main challenges

David has been at Rodillian Academy for five years as a head of year and has also been involved with the pastoral team demonstrating his wealth of experience in the school system. When asked about the current main challenges that David and his colleagues are having to face, he said:

“After Covid, the behaviour and attendance have not been as good as it used to be. Part of my job is to make sure that students are on the right track in terms of behaviour, attendance and safeguarding. But, at the moment we’re in a good position, I believe.


During Covid, we had online learning, but it wasn’t the same when it was in a classroom. Certain disciplines and routines were not part and parcel of students’ lives back then. So, now it’s trying to get back to those 8.25 am to 2.30 pm routines. We’re getting back to those high standards, but there’s always a minority of students across year groups who are challenging. However, we support those students to ensure that they still can have a really good education going forward in their school life.”

Student behaviour has become an increasingly prevalent issue, with both students and parents refusing to adhere to school policies or procedures properly. This disconnection between all involved means that it can be difficult to support those who genuinely need support with their education. How can we effectively assist those students when engagement isn’t reciprocated?

Strategies to improve student behaviour

There can be a variety of options to try and improve students’ behaviour, it’s just about finding what accommodates their learning and behavioural styles. David said:

“I’m lucky enough to have some extra non-contact time, so I will check in on students, pulling them out of lessons and having a chat with them. With year 7, they are new to the system, so it’s helping them with that transition. Whereas year 11, is one of the most important years in their education life with their GCSEs so we focus on them intently. A lot of effort goes into year 11 because of their GCSEs. So, we also do interventions after school, which we call period sevens or period eights.”

Student behaviour can rapidly decline due to several factors. Family bereavement, bullying, disadvantaged family background, mental health challenges, the list continues. We must find the core root of why these students behave like this and support them accordingly so they can reach their educational potential. In addition to this, parent engagement should also be considered. David said:

“Communicating with parents is key and we need to get their support to ensure that we work with school, home and the student. We must have a triangle of communication line going and we can invite parents in to discuss strategies to improve things.”

We must keep parents informed of their child’s progress so they can also engage with their education. This can also create a sense of accountability for the parents so they will want their child to succeed. Could this be successfully done using an online or hybrid approach?

Success with EDClass

David was then asked about the success Rodillian Academy has had with EDClass over the years they have used the platform. David stated:

“I’ve worked with EDClass since Rodillian multi-academy trust took over Featherstone Academy, over ten years ago. EDClass is easy to set up and students allows you to get a good profile picture of a student with their information being passed on easily. So, it’s good from a safeguarding point of view, but also for academic purposes of targets.


EDClass has also created thousands of lessons, especially in core subjects, English, maths and science. That has really been important, especially for the students who might miss some vital education because of suspension or illness. A good thing with EDClass is they produce a learning pathway which matches what the students would be doing in the term. This means they won’t have that fear of falling behind, so, that’s really positive.


Another positive has been the communication between EDClass and the support given to the academy. If there is a safeguarding concern that’s been raised, EDClass will contact us with a phone call or an email so we can act upon that quickly by obviously contacting the parent and carer.


It’s also allowed us to claim back attendance marks in terms of B codes. We have a few students who have been suspended, however, they were fully engaged in the learning pathway on EDClass if they were on a five-day suspension they were able to complete a targeted 20 hours’ worth of EDClass learning and it reflected positively in terms of our attendance.


A final positive would be those students who struggle with EBSA. We’ve used a partial timetable to get them into the building and we’ve supplemented that with EDClass to ensure they are still learning.”

Share the success

EDClass has been successfully implemented in over 300 schools across the UK. The platform has helped raise attendance figures, improve student behaviour and aid with positive reintegration. David added:

“It’s no coincidence that I’ve worked with EDClass for over ten years, the communication between the staff and myself has been superb. In terms of those missing education, it’s really good that students can claw back vital attendance which is always an important aspect of education. It works for everybody in terms of parents, teachers, school and the student.


I’d 100 per cent recommend EDClass to other schools. The team are first class, so supportive, attentive with every detail and it’s ever-changing.”

If you’d like to discover how EDClass’s online alternative provision can assist your school or multi-academy trust call EDClass on 01909 568338, send an email to or enquire for more information here.