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The coronavirus crisis is having an impact all around the world. In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in 14-day isolation after his wife tested positive. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is being tested after an aide tested positive.

The Government response has varied from country to country; varying from complete lockdowns, air travel bans, school closures and the postponements of major sporting events. Yesterday, the UK Government made the decision against widespread school closures, but the move has attracted some criticism.

This blog post explains what the EDLounge Group can do for you during the crisis.

Temporary school closures

The Government has said that individual schools may be advised to shut by Public Health England. Many schools have already closed events where parents of pupils have been diagnosed with symptoms.

Some schools have shut their doors for up to two weeks to allow for deep cleaning. It has also given health officials time to track down others who have been in contact with people infected.

Many schools have temporarily closed but have since reopened.

If your school is encouraged by Public Health England to temporarily close, we can help by providing an online alternative. Moving to online classrooms means pupils do not fall behind in their studies. The Atlantic has reported that after two weeks away from school, children would fall “considerably behind” in their learning.

EDClass+ provides a bank of 11,000 lessons in a wide range of subjects. The platform features alert mechanisms, instant chat functions and eyes-on learning, with safeguarding our number one priority. Click here to order.

For primary schools, education also does not have to stop. EDArcade has a wide range of educational games which can be set as homework. This is fun and exciting for the pupil and ensures they are stay safe and are actively engaged in learning. For more information on EDArcade, click here or call 01909 776 906.

Long term school closures

On Thursday, UNESCO has said that the coronavirus crisis has caused “a record number of children and youth are not attending school or university, because of temporary or indefinite closures mandated by governments in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19.

“As of 12 March, 46 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North America and South America have announced or implemented school and university closures.

“Of these, 26 countries have shut schools nationwide, which has impacted 376.9 million pupils.

“A further 20 countries have implemented localised school lockdowns, should these countries also order national school and university closures, it would disrupt the education of more than 500 million additional pupils.”

The UK opted against widespread closures yesterday but added: “we are keeping this under review, and this could change if the disease spreads.”

Should you wish to speak to us about online provision in the event of widespread closures, contact us here.


Teachers and pupils are concerned over the effect of summer exams. The Government has said that within weeks, whole households would have to self-isolate if one person showed symptoms consistent with the virus.

It is not clear what the consequences would mean for students unable to sit exams, and whether mechanisms for allocating marks in exceptional circumstances would be used.

Geoff Barton, General Secretary of ASCL said: “Parents and pupils are worried about being the victim of something out of their control are asking, ‘will I get into college or university?'”.

EDExams Limited is designed to support all examinations and assessment methods and can cater for all types of qualifications regulated by Ofqual and more.

Our software uses an online locked down and secure application, and is designed to meet your exact requirements.

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Business needs

For businesses, many countries have introduced overseas travel restrictions. These photos also imply a rapid decline in the number of people using public transport due to the threat of the virus.

Business operations may be hit significantly should there be a coronavirus case within your workpace. But it also means there may be some reluctance to use outside training providers.

EDQuals is a secure qualification, coursework and continuous personal development (CPD) training platform. It provides professional development under one centralised platform.

For more information on EDQuals click here. You can contact a member of our team on 01909 776910 or complete a contact form here.