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As parents come to terms with home teaching, it is worth knowing what support is out there to ensure your children receive the best possible education.

At EDLounge Limited we can help you through the current crisis, with support including live teaching.

EDLounge Limited’s system is accessible for both students who are still required to go into school and pupils who are now at home. The virtual learning platform can feature tailored lessons, with topics set by the teacher to help to ensure consistent learning across the year group.

In this blog post we will explain which support you can call upon and ensure your children continue to receive an education.

International and UK

Technology allows education to be tailored not just to a generic classroom but to an individual. It means that software can be used by residents in the UK and internationally – and is accessible wherever you are self-isolating as long as you have internet access.

Schools and parents can monitor progress

Though on reduce staff levels inside the building, schools are still running. Schools and parents can still communicate and as a result, when using online software such as EDLounge, learners can access the platform remotely, then as work is completed information can still be shared between parties and helped to improve overall performance.

Support for apprenticeships

It is not just pupils in school that can be supported. Those who have taken apprenticeships can continue to receive an education in their chosen profession through EDQuals. The CPD platform for training providers mean that education in these fields can continue online, and they can still receive the knowledge and the education they need.

There is also support for e-portfolios, study programmes, traineeships and functional skills to training providers and colleges.

Find out about EDQuals here.

Physical Education

It is not just written education that can be supported online. PEOffice can be used for physical education with drills and lessons that can be supported at home. The electronic VLE can also support video analysis and theory-based PE.

Find out more here.

Support for younger children

Younger children may have been set work that is less structured than older brothers and sisters. However, education still has a key role to play – both to support the pupil long-term but also to keep them entertained during the current climate.

EDArcade is designed for removing barriers to learning through a games-based education platform. More than +100 educational leads are available, with subjects including Maths, English and Science. The platform is built for ESOL students and is available in 23 different languages.

Where can I find out more?

EDLounge was initially created and piloted in 2008 with the aim of preventing 34 students from being permanently excluded from school over one term. It is now a resource used by pupils up and down the UK to continue education at home.

Natalie Turner from The Regis School said: “EDLounge is a fantastic resource which enables students who are often attending an alternative provision to learn in a monitored way. It is easy to set up lessons for classes, and if a student does well they can have a reward and play on it instead. Having the ability to monitor what is being done is great, and that it can be accessed from home.” 

EDLounge has been inspected by Ofsted. You can read the 2019 report here.

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