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This month you will notice some changes to the communication you receive from us: as our alternative provision business will become EDClass.

In this blog post we’ll explain what this means and what EDLounge will become.

To find out more about what the decision to move from EDLounge to EDClass means for you, call 01909 568338.

What is EDClass?

EDClass is the new name for our alternative provision service.

The platform provides access to over 11,000 lessons, live teaching and support – in order to achieve the goal of providing fully inclusive tailored learning for all.

This will be achieved by:

  • Delivering high quality teaching and learning and providing access to learning resources. 
  • Constant developing our products to exceed your expectations.
  • Being recognised by our customers as a leading provider of educational and technology learning platforms.
  • Opening the framework of qualifications and resources we offer to markets

What we do

Our provision can support students with many different needs:

  • Mental health problems
  • Long-term illness
  • Isolation
  • Excluded
  • 6th day provision
  • Home-educated
  • Persistently absent
  • School phobic
  • Vulnerable
  • At risk
  • Foundation and functional skills learners
  • Disengaged
  • Demotivated
  • Have low-level literacy or numeracy

As our platform can be accessed online – it is possible to use at any time from any location.

We having an extensive support network wide understanding of lessons, system, qualifications, methodology, exams and coursework.

Safeguarding is assured through an attendance tracker, safety questionnaires, various alerts, chat logs and safeguarding content. It is mandatory for all EDClass staff to pass an advanced child protection course.

Click here for more on safeguarding and tracking.

For more information on EDClass click here.

What will happen to EDLounge?

EDLounge will still be the name for the business group – which includes EDQuals, EDArcade, EDExams, EDObserve, EDStarz and Analysis of Sport.

Under the separation, EDLounge will become the name for our training centre – used by employers, apprentices, long-term unemployed and more.

Why are we making the change?

EDClass has been the product name for the alternative provision part of our business for some time – so it won’t affect the level of service you receive.

However the move helps us with both Ofsted inspections and to separate any funding we may be provided.

The move will hopefully make things clearer for you. We will making some changes to our website in the coming weeks.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on EDLounge and EDClass call 01909 568 338.