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By using EDLounge you have access to a comprehensive school improvement platform and learning environment. But there are two things that above others makes EDLounge stand out: tracking and safeguarding.

Ultimately, our system is designed in order to help you to streamline practices, raise standards and increase whole school outcomes.

EDLounge’s advanced tracking system means pupil performance can be monitored closely to improve student outcomes. But how does it work? And how is tracking balanced with safeguarding to help student’s best interests are achieved?

Why you need a sophisticated tracking process?

Supporting the performance of individuals is a fundamental in education.

A range of assessment tools can be used to monitor this progress. Bringing them all together to provide feedback in order to help students reach their potential is a task that teachers use on a day-to-day basis to get the most out of their students.

With technology, tracking students performance has become easier. A number of metrics can be used to work out strengths and weaknesses. EDLounge’s tracking system brings this all together to produce instant feedback that schools everywhere in the world can manage online.

Assessment without levels

Whether you need to track the progress for an individual, class, target group, catch up group, year group or key stage – a comprehensive process is needed which is suitable for any curriculum or assessment builder.

The platform managed by EDLounge incorporates mastery statements, objectives for tracking and teaching/learning progress. The framework includes objectives found in Maths, English and Science which match the curriculum. Our assessment system allows you to create a model of assessment which is easy for staff to understand.

Our assessment package provides:

  • A platform where any type of summative and formative assessment can be assessed, tracked, monitored and recorded
  • Students’ expectations, strengths and weaknesses can be highlighted and monitored
  • A graphical data page allows comparisons between actual classroom progress and students’ expected and predicted progress
  • Assessment dates, deadlines and progress reports can be easily created
  • A teacher page can be set up to comment on, assess work and monitor behaviour, attendance, attainment and achievement
  • A student page can be set up to identify strengths, weaknesses, effort and behaviour against expectations
  • You can create your own lessons, homework and baseline tasks
  • Create an extensive breakdown of every question, exam and assessed area – suitable for a cohort, target group, class or individual
  • Create a student and parent-friendly area to understand the data through progress reports, comments and graphs
  • Create target groups to enhance catch up students progress in key subjects (English, Maths and Science)

Find out more here.

Tracking from a safeguarding perspective

The Government recently laid out guidance for pupils learning from home and those who are still in school. You may find this video useful for all you need to know.

Tracking is also essential from a safeguarding perspective during these unprecedented times. 

EDLounge’s system monitors ‘idle time’ which shows how long a student hasn’t been learning for. This can help you monitor effort and attainment, but could also give you an indication that student maybe at risk – especially if they are seen to be in a vulnerable group.

Further, safeguarding is supported through interactive chats and face-to-face facilities, which means they are given ultimate support from our team of highly trained teachers. 

A large bank of recorded sessions means you can produce a process of learning, marking and feedback – and this can be used to identify engagement to learning but also identify a potential safeguarding risk in the incident a student is absent.

Read more about safeguarding here.

What Ofsted says about EDLounge Limited

EDLounge Limited was inspected by Ofsted in 2019. They provided a number of comments on our system:

EDLounge provide individualised training programmes that meet learners’ needs. As a result most learners have have gained their first qualification and moved on to further learning.

Teachers monitor learners’ progress thoroughly. They take prompt action to make sure that learners who fall behind catch up.

Read the full Ofsted report here.

Where can I find out more?

For more information on EDLounge Limited’s tracking processes and safeguarding policies, click here.

EDLounge provides more than 11,000 lessons in subjects including Maths, English and Science which match the education curriculum. 

For more information call 01909 568 338.