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EDTech has proved to be a great asset in providing teaching and learning over the past year. EDClass has taken it to another level and helped thousands of students reach their educational goals.

EDClass allows you to learn at your own pace with effective support along your educational journey. We have been proud to help students achieve their targets, especially during the pandemic, so take a look at five of the ways we can help you:

1. We provide a personalised learning pathway catered to each student

We incorporate a distinct 5-step process which allows you to see your progression clearly. EDClass begins with an initial assessment, allowing us to identify a starting point for students. Our thorough gap analysis model is then applied which helps us create the personalised pathway for you.

You can then access our in-depth content to expand your knowledge. You will be continuously assessed in lessons and exams which will allow us to track the impact of our platform.

2. Over 2,000 pre-recorded lessons and over 12,000 online support lessons

Our lessons can be viewed live or on demand to help you target areas of weakness for improvement. The lessons include quizzes that will test your learning as you progress through your learning pathway. You can even choose your preferred viewpoint: just the teacher; just the interactive whiteboard; both at the same time.

3. Everything is tracked and recorded, ensuring safeguarding standards are met

Safeguarding is one of the most important aspects of EDClass. Our safeguarding procedures are exceptional, creating unique support bubbles for learners. A safe learning environment is essential and every action on our platform is monitored and logged.

4. EDClass can be accessed from any device with an internet connection

EDClass enables students to learn from anywhere that they can access the internet. We understand that some pupils may get excluded, which would be detrimental to both the student and the school, but we can help to ensure that they continue their education during exclusion. We can also help with 6th day provision.

EDClass is not limited to helping excluded students. Any student not able to attend school can benefit from using our virtual learning platform to keep up with their cohort. Students who are travelling, in long-term healthcare, school phobic or absent for any other reason can benefit from learning through the EDClass platform.

5. One-to-one assistance from support workers and qualified teachers

Unlike many other distance-learning platforms, EDClass can provide you with a dedicated team of educational professionals and teachers to help overcome any difficulties with online learning. You won’t have to struggle to follow lessons with no help. We will ensure you are following and understanding the content, and are continuously assessed throughout.

Our support staff can help you understand and learn, whatever your academic capability may be. We also encourage SEND students to use our platform. We can ensure that learning is provided to students with special educational needs if they are unable to attend mainstream school.

Success stories from EDClass

Our platform has helped hundreds of schools and thousands of students. Take a look just a few examples of how beneficial EDClass has been and why it can be of use to you:

“EDClass has been an invaluable resource within our SEND and safeguarding teams as some students who have struggled to access the academy have had work provided during their difficult periods.


This has meant that they did not develop meaningful gaps in their education so could reintegrate easily.”

Adele Chilton, Merrill Academy

“One student was unable to access school, but with EDClass they have been able to attend online lessons and in the last term had 33% attendance compared to the 0% they would have had.


Another student has had a staggered return from hospital and EDClass has provided them with a stable short-term education routine to help reintegration. They have attended 75% of the time, whereas without this provision, they wouldn’t have been able to attend school.”

Jamie Turner, Inspiration Trust

“Prior to lockdown, this was used an intervention for students based in our Inclusion Centre, Isolation and those educated off site. This would have been students that struggle in the classroom environment need to be able to take a little more time in their learning and can get instant feedback on their work.


Since the lockdown, we are seeing it for multiple uses. Students in the lower year groups have used this to plug gaps in knowledge, with many telling us they have been using the independent study section.”

The Sheffield Inclusion Team

“I cannot recommend EDClass highly enough in terms of how it has supported the behaviour transformation at the Featherstone Academy and I would willingly endorse it to any other educational establishment in the country that are looking to make a difference to their school’s behaviour and overall school culture. “

Featherstone Academy

A Student from Wilmslow high school who has been with EDClass for 3 years completed their GCSEs as a result of using our facilities and assistance. EDClass has helped them gain qualifications which they are now using to find an apprenticeship. – Wilmslow High School

Contact us if you would like any more information on how we can help with your teaching and learning.