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  • EDClass offers a fully customisable and remote experience, with a live learning offering, to support teachers and parents make up for students’ lost education
  • Free content is already accessible on the EDClass website, available for all to try

EDClass, a pioneering British edtech company founded back in 2008, has today announced an update to its platform aimed at helping children catch up with lost learning due to the pandemic. The extensive expansion of EDClass’ learning resource portfolio will equip pupils, parents and teachers alike with the tools they need to cover the national curriculum and pave the way for a more blended approach to learning in the future.

The EDClass team has been championing the benefits of remote learning since well before Covid-19, particularly for students with additional needs. In 2011 Ofsted recognised this invaluable product feature by stating that EDClass ‘supports students with complex medical or behavioural needs and enables them to catch up with missed work remotely from home’. This demonstrable track record of success means EDClass is ideally placed to help schools tackle missed learning to ensure no cohort of children is left behind as a result of the pandemic.

Already used by several leading multi-academy trusts including the Co-Op Academies Trust, Rodillian Multi Academy Trust and the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust, EDClass’ library of on-demand content will help address any knowledge gaps as a result of prolonged school closures throughout the pandemic, as well as support those who are still self-isolating or who suffer an outbreak in their respective ‘bubble’.

The new offering will deliver on demand video content for the streaming generation giving learners the opportunity to pick and choose their content and watch qualified teachers deliver lessons from the national curriculum. The learning starts from basic concepts and builds into the application of skills and more complex scenarios. The growing back catalogue of video content continues to attract contributions from teachers around the country, with new material added regularly along with a range of pedagogical approaches.

EDClass’ new features track each learner’s individual progress, records achievements and highlights areas of weakness to deliver personalised pathways which can adjust to their unique ability level. It also offers live video, audio or text support from the designated education support team to help learners stay on track.

EDClass TV is also available in bespoke packages, allowing schools, parents and learners to access as much or as little content as they need according to their requirements. As such, EDClass TV offers the ideal solution for students who may have to self-isolate and miss out on specific areas of their learning.

Sam Warnes, founder of EDClass, said:

“Our technology paves the way for remote learning to become an incredible opportunity for students, schools and parents in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. We know that disadvantaged students have felt the brunt of the effects of this devastating pandemic, and EDClass’ platform has been designed to offer totally customisable, personalised learning pathways to all learners – regardless of their background or needs.” “We encourage anyone interested in finding out more to visit the EDClass website and try out our catalogue of free content.”

Sam Warnes

Andrew Percival from the Rodillian Multi-Academy Trust said:

“Although Covid-19 has been one of the most stressful things which teachers have ever had to deal with, the wealth of resources on the EDClass platform has meant that our transition to remote learning was seamless – the whole process took just forty eight hours.” “We now have over 1,700 students on EDClass, and have found that it has helped keep students engaged through this period of extreme disruption, while also giving them the chance to immerse themselves in personalised, customisable learning.”

Andrew Percival


  • EDClass was founded by Sam Warnes and Ian Hargreaves in 2008. It is already the chosen platform for several academy trusts across the UK, including the Co-Op Academies Trust, Rodillian MAT, the Redhill MAT and the Bradford Diocesan Academies Trust. It has been described as a ‘truly invaluable’ tool for schools. 
  • The EDClass platform has over 12,000 interactive and supported lessons ready and waiting to be accessed in subjects such as English, Maths, Science as well as other core areas, for Key Stage 2, Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4.
  • Those interested in finding out more can try a free lesson on EDClass’ website here.