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“Even I saw the massive value of active, inclusive and personalised learning,” says Hilary Moriarty a teacher who experienced e-learning for the first time in 2020.

Personalised learning has a multitude of benefits for students – not only has it come to the aid of students in both retention and learning, but if done effectively they will also appreciate what they have learnt.

Virtual classrooms have become a buzzword in coronavirus times. If done effectively, it can provide a personalised learning touch too. With schools returning in September, we take a look at the elements of virtual learning here to stay.

Why a virtual classroom focuses on personalised learning

 According to Amit Arora:

To make a virtual classroom most effective, there has to be personalised learning, a teaching approach focused solely on the learner.

  Moreover, since each child is unique with different learning abilities, it is important to address their needs differently for better outcomes. One size certainly does not fit all.

With teachers and students in different places now, and with the option to gauge effectiveness of a lecture based on the response of students or reading their body language ruled out, the need for regular assessments and analysing each students’ grasp of the concepts has increased even more.

In order to make personalised learning a new permanent order to reckon with, top technology providers in this space need to empower students with ownership of their learning where they can see their performance analysis on an instant and regular basis.

Encouraging students to assess themselves periodically can help polish their thinking and grasping skills. It is a great practice to assess while the learning is ongoing. This helps students and teachers identify each student’s weak areas.

What are the benefits of personalised learning?

As learning is tailored to the individual’s needs it can be more motivating to this individual.

By providing direct feedback to the learner they can act as positive discussions and enable support to reach their potential. It can also be constructive to the teacher or instructor, as they can receive feedback to the teaching they are providing, in terms of whether it is being understood on a one-to-one basis. 

If personalised learning is used as part of a larger group, it can mean all students are on the same wavelength and are provided with knowledge in areas interesting to them.

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How EDClass provides a tailored learning pathway

EDClass provides a tailored learning pathway for students.

A skill gap analysis is available to identify strengths and weaknesses. The tailored learning pathway means a specific lesson scheme of work can be tailored to that student. This is enriching for the student whilst also providing them with the new/improved knowledge they require.

Further, a sophisticated tracking programme means teachers can log in to the EDClass to monitor student progress. They can then prepare their own feedback and homework based on their performance on the system.

More than 11,000 lessons are available in subjects including Maths, English and Science. Tailored learning is available through to KS4.

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