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Students absent from public school without reasonable justification legally have to have a 6th day provision implemented for them, so what are the benefits of ensuring that a proper programme is in place?

Covid has hampered students’ academic progression over the previous two years. Now should be the time where proper catch-up and reintegration processes are actioned.

Providing a suitable and systematically approached 6th day provision increases the chances of students positively reintegrating back into mainstream education. According to government research regarding alternative provision:

“Almost two thirds of primary pupils (65%) and Key Stage 3 pupils (64%) returned to mainstream school, but this figure is lower among Year 10 (53%) and Year 11 (10%) pupils.”

From evaluating the research and other factors throughout the education sector, it becomes apparent that the younger AP is provided for students, there is a better chance of reintegration and a successful school career.

6th day provision provided for persistently absent students allows them to learn in a comfortable environment at their own pace. Furthermore, this can allow schools to focus their attention, time and resources on other areas within their establishment once a suitable 6th day provision is implemented following thorough research.

Additionally, a huge benefit of 6th day provision is positive reintegration, and this is a driving factor for many institutions to ensure there are as few exclusions as possible. According to recent government statistics from 2019/20:

“There were 5,057 permanent exclusions with 310,733 suspensions.”

For students to succeed they need to be educated. That is why a 6th day provision must be in place for them. It is a viable option to ensure students stay in education, learn and enhance their chances of a positive reintegration.

However, 6th day provision could be costly so thorough research needs to be conducted so the most appropriate provision is chosen.

The cost-effective benefits of proper research for provision

AP and 6th day provision can be costly for a school so the best cost-effective measure needs to be in place that:

A) Will educate the student

B) Won’t cost the establishment too much money

C) Ensures positive reintegration takes place

According to research:

“Drawing on data from the 2017-18 financial year, the average cost of a full-time placement in AP for one academic year ranged from £17,600 – £20,400 depending on the type of establishment.”

These extortionate prices for just one student illustrate why in-depth research is required to choose the best provider that will supply a meticulous approach for the learner, their safety and their continued education. In addition to this, excluding a pupil costs the taxpayer. According to a report:

“Excluding a child from school can cost the taxpayer around £370,000 in the long term.”

Saving time and money is essential and will allow more resources to be explored for schools that could further benefit their students. When the right 6th day provision is chosen, the student can benefit from learning in an alternate way that they may prefer whilst subsequently improving their mental health and wellbeing.

Mental health benefits of 6th day provision

Mental health for young people and students has become a prevalent issue of late. According to research:

“One in fifty children in the general population were recognised as having a social, emotional and mental health need. In schools for excluded pupils this rose to one in two.”

Many students can become disinterested in mainstream school which can coincide with their mental health suffering. This is why the 6th day provision can be beneficial especially to those at risk of exclusion. According to reports:

“Findings show that 27.4% of those in non-mainstream education gave a positive response when asked about their life purpose, just over 3% more than the number of those in mainstream schools.” 

When a 6th day provision is used for some students, they can find that their sense of fulfilment is increased. This can also improve their attendance and attainment levels which will benefit them and the school.

Why EDClass should be your 6th day provision choice

EDClass has been a highly-recommended and proven alternative provision for years that supports students with their reintegration process. The robust platform supports students so that they reach their educational potential in a comfortable remote location they choose.

Including innovative remote safeguarding procedures, your school doesn’t have to worry about monitoring your students as EDClass’ platform, qualified teachers and specialist support staff do it for you.

Furthermore, the platform includes over 17,000 pre-made lessons available in a variety of subjects and topics and even includes mock and full exams. You won’t have to spend an excessive amount of time preparing resources for those students who require a 6th day provision as EDClass does it for you.

For as little as £35 per day and an annual cost for a “seat” for a secondary school of just £6,750 and a primary school of £2,490, EDClass is one of the most affordable provisions available right now!

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