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The last thing that teachers want to see this year is another interrupted school year.

Having a continuous curriculum in place ensures that learning doesn’t stop in the event of a local lockdown or school closure.

This blog post is all you need to know about offering a continuous curriculum delivery.

How much learning has been lost in the last academic year?

When schools returned, most pupils had gone 100 days without schooling, however with some students forgetting what they had learned since last September, some estimations say pupils could be as much as a full year behind where they should be.

Socioeconomic achievement gaps will most likely widen because of access to computers, home learning environments and virtual classrooms, like EDClass.

The long-term consequences could include high school drop outs, while it could set young people back generations.

Parents have had their say as well on recent months but are aware and concerned about 2020 side-effects.

“Looking at the work the teacher has done,” said one parent, “I applaud her.”

“But it’s maybe a fraction of what they would be learning if they were in an actual school setting. If they are transitioning into ‘big school’, will there be time to catch up and get them up to par?”

Why is it concerning?

According to Mr Silva:

A majority of his students have not consistently engaged with remote assignments. They are not receiving traditional grades, and some have parents who are working outside the home or who are not tech-savvy, and are unable to assist with online schooling.

We want to hold kids accountable. We want to see their progress, be in the classroom with them and see them struggle and overcome that. Instead, we are logging in for an hour a day, and kids are turning their cameras off and staying quiet and not talking to us.”

What can be done to help?

EDClass can help re-engage and motivate students to participate in remote learning which is indispensable to their development.

Following it’s launch in 2008, EDClass has a proven record of helping students in isolation and exclusion – but with over 11,000 lessons in a wide range of subjects, the platform offers continuous curriculum delivery to all pupils. 

The remote learning access means even if classrooms are forced to close, learning can continue.

Safeguarding is a fundamental of the system with alert mechanisms, eyes-on learning and questionnaires built in to protect students. All EDClass staff are enhanced DBS checked.

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