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Catch up delivery is essential for your students, with teachers estimating that students are on average three months behind in their learning.

The findings by the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) and the Nuffield Foundation has said that almost all teachers surveyed believe children are further behind where they expect them to be in their learning.

Teachers estimate that nearly half of all children (44%) will need intensive catch-up support, particularly children in the most deprive areas and from BAME backgrounds.

What should your plan be for catch up delivery? This blog post explains.

What are the findings of the report?

The survey found that when pupils were expected to learn remotely there remained low levels of parental and pupil engagement (38% returned their last piece of set work compared to 42% in May). Just over half (56%) of pupils eligible to return to school did so, with lower attendance among pupils eligible for Pupil Premium funding (45%) and those from BAME backgrounds (49%).

32% of school leaders highlighted parental concerns over safety as a common reason for non-attendance.

Schools with high proportions of pupils from BAME backgrounds were more likely to report parents having safety concerns than schools with no BAME pupils.

The report recommends:

  • The need for increased parental reassurance
  • Support for schools in managing non-attendance
  • Extra resources for costs associated with managing the demands of Covid-19
  • Ofsted should modify expectations for schools in upcoming inspections
  • Schools need more Government support to prepare for remote learning in a local lockdown

What is the Government’s catch up plan?

 The Government announced two separate payments to help with school catch up: a £650m for student catch up on lost education and a £350m one-year national tutoring programme.

The Education Endowment Fund (EEF) said:

There is strong evidence that high-quality tuition is a cost-effective way to enable pupils to catch up. While it is certainly no silver bullet, access to tuition will be key to supporting the work of teachers in mitigating the impact of school closures in the coming months and years.

The Government’s support for more high-quality tuition for our poorest children from this summer is a huge step forward. The national tutoring programme is a major opportunity to not only reverse the damage done by school closures, but to also build a fairer education system for the future. 

EDClass’ high quality tuition

The catch up service from EDClass provides access to over 11,000 lessons. Tailored to GCSE students, our platform provides access to highly skilled teachers and a range of learning materials.

Tasks, quizzes, assessments are more can be completed by the learner – who’s learning pathway can also be targeted to their needs. Performance can be monitored through a sophisticated tracking system.

Safeguarding is ensured through alert mechanisms, questionnaires and highly trained staff. 

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