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I started my Business Admin Level 3 apprenticeship with EDLounge in October 2020. After nearly 18 months of my apprenticeship, I can now say that I have completed my apprenticeship with a PASS grade!

When conducting my End Point Assessment, I have received enormous support from the tutors at EDLounge. I felt confident I would pass as my tutor has gone through every stage of my Gateway and EPA in great detail.

They ensured I understood what will be asked from me and answered any questions or worries I had at the time. The staff at EDLounge always made it clear that I can always contact them if I was struggling with my apprenticeship.

Gateway for the End Point Assessment

I had a few meetings with my tutor in which we discussed what I needed to do to prepare for my Gateway. I had gone through my apprenticeship standard several times to ensure I covered all the key skills required in my apprenticeship.

As well as this, we had double checked all of my documents required for my Gateway such as my personal learning plan and the off-the-job learning to ensure this process progresses smoothly.

During my gateway period I had met with my assessor online and we scheduled in the next 3 meetings where I would complete my knowledge test, portfolio-based interview and my project presentation. My tutor from EDLounge took part in all planning meetings and ensured I understood the process.

Knowledge Test

I completed my knowledge test online in which I scored 39/50 achieving a PASS grade. My knowledge test was conducted on the EDExams platform and it lasted an hour and my grade was updated instantly after completing the exam.

Portfolio Based Interview

My portfolio-based interview lasted around 40 minutes in which myself and my assessor discussed the contents of my portfolio, after this I answered any further questions about my portfolio. My interview went smoothly and I was happy with the results.

Project Presentation

I had a 10-15 min time frame to deliver my project presentation to my assessor, after this I had a further 15 min session in which I answered any questions my assessor had about my presentation.

Overall my End Point Assessment progressed smoothly and I felt extremely confident as this was nothing new to me, my tutor had ensured that I was familiar with every step of the progress prior to my EPA. I had received a pass grade across the apprenticeship standard and all assessments that took place.

I am looking forward to continue to progress in my career and undertake a higher-level apprenticeship with EDLounge. With the training provided at EDLounge, I feel that I can achieve this without an issue.