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I have recently completed my level 3 Business Admin apprenticeship with EDLounge. I started working for EDClass in October 2020 and I have been here for just over a year. On average it takes 12 to 18 months to complete this apprenticeship, and I am extremely happy with how it was conducted and I am over the moon that I now have a qualification in Business Admin! 

After finishing college, where I studied business for 2 years, I decided that university wasn’t the right path for me. I wanted to gain real world experience in a professional environment, whilst also having a stable income on the side. Whilst I was looking for a job, I did a Digital Marketing online course to keep me busy, when I finished the online course I was sent multiple apprenticeship vacancies that would suit me, and EDClass immediately caught my attention. After doing a little bit of research about the company, I applied and then shortly after I got an interview in which I was offered a place.

My role as a Business Admin

The first couple of weeks, my apprenticeship consisted of completing training modules, induction protocols and a DBS check. I quickly learnt that safeguarding is paramount at EDClass, I watched colleagues from different departments doing their daily job, which helped me learn a lot about the system.

My job has changed drastically within the first few months. I have experimented doing a variety of different tasks and I found passion in the creative side of the business such as video editing. I started working on a brand new website, EDClass TV, which is a product of EDClass. I worked closely with another apprentice who started shortly after me. I took ownership of all content on EDClass TV and I am now the main point of contact regarding any questions about the video content and I feel as EDTV is my little project as I worked on it from day one.

I started making content for social media, and I also joined the Media and Marketing team and I was more involved in the marketing side of things. My main role has stayed similar, however I also often work on other products of the business such as KeysToSafeguarding, EDClass, EDLounge, as well as other Business Admin tasks, such as managing spreadsheets and collecting information.

What I enjoyed the most would be the fact that I had the ability to choose what I want to do, I feel like I fit in perfect in the team and I am able to explore different avenues. I didn’t know what to expect when taking an apprenticeship in Business Admin, as I didn’t want to be placed on the phone duty or do customer service, so I felt instant relief once I started getting the hang of editing and uploading lessons which I really enjoy.

I have learnt many different skills when working for EDClass, mainly in editing. I learnt the basics of Premiere Pro, and I am confident in using Filmora to edit video lessons and I feel competent in doing so. My skills are always evolving and I am learning more and more every day.

My next steps?

I have now passed my end point assessment for my Business Admin apprenticeship and I am now looking at starting another apprenticeship with EDLounge. I am currently unsure as to which apprenticeship I will undertake, but a few have caught my attention, in particular Project Management. However, I will do some more research and ensure that the next one I do will be the best for for me and my future career prospects.