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Children could be as much as 12 months behind in their development when schools resume. You can help them catch up quicker with the support of a secure classroom.

A virtual secure classroom means students can continue to be educated even when they cannot attending mainstream classes.

But what is a secure classroom and how can it help your school and your students? This blog post explains.

What is a secure classroom?

A virtual secure classroom is a virtual environment where any learner can attend a bespoke, online class.

Staff (either from the school or through the platform provider) can administer and deliver sessions to help students achieve their learning goals.

Who are secure classrooms for?

Secure classrooms are perfect for hard to reach learners. It means these learners can receive an education from any location.

Suitable learners for this type of environment includes learners who:

  •  Are suspended
  •  Suffer from anxiety
  •  Are home-educated
  •  Are distance learners
  •  Are school phobic
  •  Are in inclusion units
  •  Have mental health issues
  •  Are school refusers
  •  Are demotivated
  •  Are vulnerable
  •  Have long term sickness
  •  Are persistently absent
  •  Are in a targeted group
  •  Have a low level of literacy and numberacy
  •  Or are submitting qualification coursework

How our secure classroom is safeguarded

Safeguarding tools as part of EDLounge have been developed with students in mind.

This platform gives educators the best opportunity to provide lessons while monitoring student behaviour and safety.

Lessons can be streamed live for teacher viewing and can be recorded to ensure safeguarding all round.

A range of safeguarding measures – alert mechanisms, eyes-on learning, highly trained staff and more – means the student and the school feels safe and secure.

For more information on safeguarding click here.

What does a virtual classroom enable you to do

Through a virtual secure classroom you have the ability to teach, safeguard and support your students:

  •  View learners live via a secure server stream
  •  Speak face-to-face with learners
  •  View their learning progress and performance
  •  Track answers instantly
  •  Mentor students, via verbal and written chat
  •  Set a structured pathway via feedback for individuals

How can I get in touch?

For more information on EDLounge’s virtual classroom, call 01909 568 338.