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The summer holidays have arrived, but safeguarding issues still need to be taken seriously. Online learning has effectively helped thousands through the pandemic and can continue to do so safely.

During summer holidays, children are not effectively monitored by their schools leaving them vulnerable. Young people access the internet daily which can lead to exposure to external threats. According to the London School of Economics:

“Half of 9–16-year-olds in the UK go online in their bedroom or other private room. This can lead to the intensification of exposure to risks such as cyberbullying, livestreaming of abuse and other forms of exploitation.”

These issues happen regularly online as some children have limited safeguarding measures in place at home. Remote learning took precedence during the pandemic which led to several safeguarding issues.

When delivered appropriately, online learning platforms can ensure children are recovering valuable education that they lost during the pandemic. Furthermore, child safety can be upheld during the summer holidays when children may feel exposed. Recent research found that:

“62% of children said they were frightened of being attacked and / or exploited by gangs during the summer holidays.”

In addition to this, concerning county lines, children as young as 12 can be exploited. According to The Children’s Commissioner:

“Across the UK the true number could be as high as 50,000 children and young people with more than 1,000 county lines in operation nationally.”

Thousands of children and young people are at risk from exploitation and even more so during the holidays when monitoring of their schedule and attendance is less rigorous.

This highlights the importance online learning platforms can play. Not only will students recover lost education but they can be monitored for their safety, attendance, and involvement in any criminal activity; ultimately ensuring their safety.

Education is vital for children’s safety and futures

The younger generation uses the internet frequently, impacting their lives daily. According to the Office for National Statistics:

“Almost 9 in 10 children (89%) aged 10 to 15 years said they went online every day.”

When implemented properly, online learning platforms could help monitor children’s wellbeing. Safety questionnaires can determine how safe a child is which could be useful for the summer holidays.

Furthermore, online learning in a combination with summer schools can keep children safe and improve attainment levels. According to a report:

“Students who attend summer schools are more likely to receive better grades and progress to higher education. The analysis finds that attending summer schools is associated with higher GSCE grades – revealing a 2.9 point increase in Attainment 8 scores – and improvements in progression to higher education.”

Children can feel secure during online learning and summer schools when safeguarding measures are in place. Also, it can help children recover lost education from the pandemic.

Moreover, students engaging with education outside of school can reduce the risk of becoming involved in criminal activity, whilst some can become implicated in an unsupervised environment due to a lack of understanding. According to a review:

“40% of 15 to 17-year-olds entering youth offending institutions have not been to school since they were 14, and nearly nine out of 10 have been excluded from school at some point during their lives.”

This demonstrates how vital education is for safeguarding children. Consequences can be explained and can help young people remain on the correct path.

Online learning platforms like EDClass can monitor the safety of students. Children’s concerns about their studies or wellbeing can be supported through UK-qualified teachers and support staff.

EDClass treats safeguarding as its highest priority

EDClass can help safeguard vulnerable children and support their education. Alerts are triggered when a child feels unsafe and are followed up and dealt with as a matter of urgency.

EDClass also includes 17,000 lessons in English, Maths, and Science from Key Stages 1-4 which can keep children entertained and engaged. We currently have a limited-time offer for parents. All of our content can be accessed for just £30.00 per month!

For further information on how EDClass can help safeguard children and recover lost education, please call 01909 568 338, send an email to, contact us here or book a demo here.