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Maths is an essential in everyday life. We use mathematics concepts each day in our lives (often without realising). The subject governs everything around us and without a good understand a person could encounter difficult problems in life.

There is a reason why maths is one of the first subjects we learn at school. 

This blog post explains the reasons why maths is essential and you can use online learning to improve your ability.

Top 10 reasons maths is good for you

1. It is very good for the brain

Children with mathematics understanding can recruit certain brain regions more reliably. Maths correlates with various cognitive tasks involving visual attention and decision-making. 

2. Telling the time

Understanding maths, particularly fractions, can help you better tell the time. A knowledge of numbers (and positions on an analogue clock) can help you better tell the time – using the an hour, minute and second hand.

3. Helping your finances

Maths is useful for helping you to balance your budget. This understanding can help you to ensure that your costs are less than the money you have.

People who know mathematics are therefore less likely to go into debt than people who do not.

4. Improve your cooking skills

Improving cooking skills can be achieved through improved numerical knowledge. Being able to translate metrics, for example, can mean you can carry recipes quickly or more smoothly. Being able to multiply up also means you can serve a higher number of portions to people.

5. Improve problem solving

Maths helps us to think analytically and have better problem solving skills. Analytic thinking means thinking critically about the world around us. Maths can help you identify problems between the knowns and the unknowns – and taking these steps can be applicable for any problems in life.

6. Every career uses maths in some way

Many professions use maths to the fabric of their work. People working in the factory must be able to do mental arithmetic to understand their own targets. Any job requires maths because you must interpret your paycheck and balance your budget.

7. Maths is all around us

The subject is everywhere, from geography to art you will find it mentioned all around the world. Numbers play a crucial role in everything that we do.

8. Maths can link to how popular you are

Whether it is a knowledge of fractions to help you to divide pizza, or a talent with division to help you split a bill – maths can be crucial is your personal life – and can contribute to social awareness.

To be able to work out problems quickly can save time, meaning you and your friends can concentrate on the more important things to do.

9. Shop for a bargain

Maths can help you to compare prices – which is good for your budget and great for you to obtain things that are the best value.

Calculating percentages quickly can help you save time when shopping in a sale. It also means you can assure yourself when on occasions you are handed incorrect change!

10. Maths is universal

It is understood all over the world. A maths equation doesn’t need to be translated to be understood by a person overseas – and mathematical law doesn’t change depending on what part of the world you are in.

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