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Absent students may always present the education sector with a problem that will be difficult to solve, but we must do everything in our power to overcome certain barriers. Could one option be online learning? EDClass contacted the Department for Education to discuss absence rates and why we must keep up the momentum to improve standards.

Current government data has highlighted an ‘overall absence rate of 7.3% with 21.2% being persistently absent’. The government says it remains committed to improving statistics even further. A Department for Education spokesperson said:

“Though the vast majority of children are in school and learning, we are taking action to tackle absence in school because we know the damage it can have on a child’s education, well-being and future life chances.”

Attendance Action Alliance has been set up by the government alongside other initiatives to support the delivery of practical support to schools. This is to further raise school attendance and improve educational experiences and outcomes for children and young people.

Can online learning help absenteeism?

Government guidance has outlined how attendance codes can be claimed by schools for a student attending an off-site educational activity. The DfE states:

“Code B: Off-site educational Activity 249. Attending an off-site educational activity that has been approved by the school and supervised by someone authorised by the school.”

Therefore, this highlights how students can learn off-site remotely if appropriate measures are implemented and due diligence has been conducted. What needs to be in place if this is to be successful? Inspectors will gather evidence about:

“how well leaders ensure that pupils’ outcomes are improving as a result of any different or additional provision being made for them, including any reasonable adjustments in remote education provision.”

Better educational experiences and outcomes should be strived towards for students and implementing the best support possible that fits their requirements could be through an online method.

The benefit of online learning

  • Attendance codes: By using online learning schools and students can raise their attendance once the correct procedures have taken place. This can allow students to gain attendance codes away from a mainstream setting allowing them to gradually reintegrate once they are ready.
  • One-to-one support: Certain provisions can supply one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers for students with specific challenges. This is highly beneficial as it allows students to ask questions away from the fear of being ridiculed or mocked in a mainstream classroom amongst their peers. Granted, an effort should always be made to reintegrate a child, however, this can be done gradually through part-time timetables and a hybrid model.
  • Learn in a comfortable environment: Students can learn in a working environment that they feel most comfortable in away from any distractions. This can ensure students concentrate on their education rather than becoming involved with low-level disruptive behaviour or away from an environment that is over-empowering their mental health challenges.
  • Pathways of learning: Online provision can implement bespoke learning pathways for students that suit their abilities. If continuous assessment is integrated too, students can test their knowledge and progress at a quicker rate than they would find in mainstream school. Find the platform that suits their style of learning the best.

Try EDClass’s online alternative provision

EDClass is an online alternative provision that prioritises the safeguarding of students learning online. Innovative safeguarding measures are integrated so that students feel safe and secure whilst acquiring an education remotely.

In addition to this, EDClass’s UK-qualified teachers can support students one-on-one. They can assist children in well-being and academic development so they feel prepared better for adulthood and are ready to tackle anything they are challenged with.

If you’d like to learn about a platform that can also allow schools to claim attendance codes to boost rates, call 01909 568338, send an email to or enquire for more information here.