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My name is Amelia and I completed my Level 3 Team Leader/Supervisor apprenticeship with EDLounge in January 2022. I started my apprenticeship in October 2020, therefore I was doing the apprenticeship for 16 months.

I decided to start this apprenticeship as I wanted to upskill and become the manager of the School Account Managers team. It had been nearly 2 years since I completed my Business Administrator apprenticeship and I felt it was about time I started another.

My role as supervisor for the team

The main aim as a member of the School Account Managers is to build relationships with customers and manage these effectively. My main tasks are answering calls/emails, contacting customers monthly, and dealing with any questions/queries.

Since I completed my apprenticeship I now manage any projects that the team are given, provide feedback to the team, ensure they’re making their calls, and keep on top of their emails. We also deal with renewals so I have to make sure the team chases their designated schools and track this and get the money over the line.

What have I enjoyed?

I enjoyed taking a lead role on the business merge project and learning the different knowledge, skills, and behaviour throughout the whole apprenticeship. Before starting my apprenticeship, I didn’t know; how to plan/deliver a project, manage a project throughout, create project life cycles, the different leadership styles, how to deal with difficult situations and build relationships in the workplace.

I enjoyed upskilling myself throughout the whole apprenticeship and I am looking to complete a degree apprenticeship this year with EDLounge. Alongside completing another apprenticeship, I am wanting to stay at EDClass and move up in the business to become the Office Manager or even the Business Manager.