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The UK lockdown began on the evening of 23 March, with EDLounge staff working from home the following day.

The senior leadership team had worked hard in order to make it possible that this could be done. Laptops and desktop PCs were distributed to staff in the days prior to lockdown being introduced.

But what was asked of the team and how had staff adapted to working under lockdown?

Going from the top

EDLounge had been preparing for a ‘work from home’ decision for a couple of weeks.

On the Monday, a large meeting was held for all staff. Managing Director, Sam, stressed the importance of setting goals and targets.

Communication was also emphasised. The business already used Skype to keep regular contact between departments, but a number of chats were set up directly to deal with the situation which the business was faced – with the aims of improving business efficiency and maintaining mental health: all staff (serious chat), ideas and diversity/savings.

The aim was to keep staff involved and engaged with the business during lockdown. Further, an invitation to ‘End of Week’ drinks kept staff spirits high.

Changes to marketing

On social media we’ve tried to be light-hearted – while at the same time bring you ‘need-to-know’ updates on the education sector.

“Walk to work day” aimed to bring you a bit of giggle, as did hearing about how pets were helping with our work.

EDLounge has also used the knowledge of other departments to bring you more content. A number of teachers have given their time to write a blog on their experiences, while we’ve also launched daily live lessons via our Facebook page.

Further, we’ve tried our best to help the community. EDArcade has teamed up with a number of charities – the Bradley Lowry Foundation and Bluebell Wood – so we can both support education and help charities with our revenue.

The overall aim

EDLounge’s overall aim hasn’t changed during this period: providing essential education to all that need it.

With more pupils on our servers than ever before, we believe we have a responsibility to provide a high quality education in a safe environment, to all that require it.

EDLounge has access to over 11,000 lessons, analysis tools and a wide range of safeguarding mechanisms. For more information click here

You can view the 2019 Ofsted report here.

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