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EDArcade can play a crucial role in saving children’s education.

Our aim is to pioneer reengagement for students in education. This report has suggested that up to 20% of pupils are currently undertaking less than one hour of schoolwork per day.

Working with you, we can support student catch up; help pupils to understand tough to teach topics, improve confidence and enjoy learning again.

A vision for education

EDArcade believes in helping teachers and parents to help primary school pupils meet their potential.

Mission: Our mission is to give teachers and parents the tools to deliver academic and tough to teach topics through games based learning.

Vision: Our vision is to innovate the future of educational games to boost the confidence, independence and mental well being of all students.

Core Values: Our core values are that we want all learners to be safe, effectively communicate with friends, family and teachers and express themselves. We can help students to achieve all this whilst expanding their academic knowledge.

What is EDArcade?

EDArcade is an educational package of web based games to allow students all over the world to learn core topics.

The interactive community means students can learn and play.

Games include: Maths Games, English Games, Science Games and PSHE Games.

With 23 languages available it is perfect for ESOL students, in order to help them learn key phrases.

Why is EDArcade important for schools?

Using EDArcade is important for schools as it helps to provide a fun and exciting learning environment for your students.

It means you can:

  • Connect with students by using modern technology to provide tailored games based learning in a familiar environment.
  • Portray memorable characters which allows students to recall and relate through visual and kinetic cues – and build a connection between the child and the subject matter.
  • Grant independence, confidence and mental wellbeing to pupils through interactive learning – this develops self awareness, sensitivity and effective communication.
  • Can apply focus on tough to teach and politically relevant topics to enable teachers and parents to effectively support children – keeping themselves and others safe.
  • Receive a bespoke service through our dedicated teams – so that we can help you keep children safe while expanding their academic knowledge.

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What types of educational games do we provide?

Maths Games: Improve your Maths knowledge including multiplications, divisions and subtractions through games based learning. Test your multiplication skills on our flight simulator, your fractions on the battlefield and sums on a darts board. Browse maths games here.

English Games: Whether you are testing your spelling or your slang, our English games can help improve your English skills. Magically Qwerty will help test your spellings while you defend a castle from invasion. Browse more English games here.

Science Games: Learn all things Science here. Build atoms in our atom lab or protect organs via blood circulation – our science games can help you improve knowledge of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Browse science games.

PSHE Games: Our PSHE games range from crucial topics from bullying to discrimination to healthy eating. Learn when to accept a lift in Stranger Danger or surf away from negative comments in Cyber Surfer. Browse all PSHE games here.

Find out more about EDArcade here.

Where can I find out more?

EDArcade has a range of more than 100+ educational games to help any primary school pupil improve their knowledge.

We develop our games to ensure that they fit the national curriculum.

Online learning also means that your pupils’ performances and progress is monitored. This means you can make comparisons between students and use the information to provide tailored learning support in the classroom.

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