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Choosing the best EdTech platform can result in undertaking in-depth analysis and research before choosing the most suitable platform for your school. Here’s some solid advice if you’re currently searching for a solution.

Online hybrid learning has recently boomed as a result of the pandemic. EdTech Impact and Bett have collaborated and constructed a brilliant guide with three crucial points to consider. In addition to evaluating the guide, this advice may offer some useful points for your consideration before selection.

1. Clearly identify your outcomes

“It can be tempting to skip the research stage and jump straight to the most popular or affordable option — you wouldn’t be the first. However, poor planning has proven to be the Achilles heel for many EdTech projects, leading to wasted money, low confidence next time around, and another product sitting in the ‘virtual cupboard of shame’.”

Identifying your school’s priority outcome will enable you to choose the correct EdTech platform. Thorough research is essential with student, teacher and organisational outcomes to be taken into consideration. The Bett Buyers’ Guide highlights how EdTech companies can offer valuable solutions such as increasing attainment, improving teacher efficiency or saving money for your school.

Every school’s situation will be different in relation to its desired outcomes. Without a methodical approach to choosing your EdTech platform, it can lead to wasted efforts. This is why a great piece of advice when opting to incorporate an EdTech solution is to do appropriate research.

2. Assess the impact of platform

EdTech platforms will endeavour to showcase case studies, testimonials and other forms of evidence to demonstrate the effectiveness of their product. It’s also good to discuss with your colleagues and other schools as to what options they could suggest would be beneficial.

“42% of schools make their decisions based on ideas from other schools.”

However, you shouldn’t just settle for one piece of independent research. Choosing an efficient platform that will provide the best benefits for your school can be assessed in several ways. Ensure that you can explore multiple avenues and look at a variety of resources that could be used. Following this, try and collate additional supporting research, statistics and testimonials which will help make an informed decision.

The benefits of assessing the platform in the long-term will provide reassurance that the product you are choosing is robust to your desired outcomes. Reviews and testimonials are exceptional evidence and should be a prominent factor that you search for.

3. Check the small print

Before signing any final contract, ensure that every issue you may think arise is considered. Schools could have several reasons as to why they do not proceed with an EdTech platform.

“BESA EdTech survey (2018): 25% of both secondary and primary schools cite E-safety or data protection as a key barrier to using more EdTech.”

All bases need to be covered, especially with privacy and GDPR. You also need to make sure that you are not tied in to anything long-term that could result in being locked in to poor results. When researching, consider if there is any training or support that comes with the platform. This will provide an overall better experience when using the platform.

Ultimately, when choosing an EdTech platform you need to make sure that it is right for your specific requirements. Reduction in workload, saving money or helping students will primarily be at the forefront, but it is important to do as much research as possible to identify the best fit.

Why EDClass should be your EdTech platform choice

EDClass has been an established online alternative provision for over 13 years assisting students who struggle with mainstream education. At an extremely affordable price equating to just £35 per day, it is one of the most beneficial platforms in relation to cost-benefit.

Non-attending students, whether it be due to reasons such as behavioural, medical, mental health or others, can use the platform to catch up on learning or simply revise for upcoming exams. Not only does it allow students to continue their education remotely, but students can also find comfort in the fact that they will be safeguarded when learning online.

EDClass’ specialist support staff are available to assist with students’ learning and wellbeing. Students can enjoy over 17,000 lessons with integrated tracking reports to highlight any areas of improvement. Continuous assessment is also implemented in the system with mock and full exams also accessible for students to prepare for upcoming GCSE exams.

If you would like some information on how EDClass can help you and your students then call 01909 568338, send an email to or book a free online demonstration here