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There are a variety of reasons as to why students do not attend education. Online learning can provide immense benefits and even improve attendance rates in some instances.

The school inspection handbook outlines how teachers must:

“ensure that remote education, if needed, enables all pupils to access lessons and learn, and monitor pupils’ engagement and communicate with parents and colleagues effectively if there are concerns”

For a student to thrive there needs to be a safe, calm, orderly and positive environment that promotes the personal development of a child. This can be achieved online if the right measures are implemented. Here are 5 ways online learning can help raise attendance for a student and support a school’s rates:

1. Fostering a Sense of Community

It’s important to encourage participation and engagement. This can be done by promoting icebreaker activities, using video conferencing tools, forming continuous assessments, and creating a community that the child will want to attend.

2. Making Online Learning Interactive and Engaging

Incorporating multimedia elements, games, simulations, online quizzes, polls, discussions, and collaborative projects can help keep students interested in the material and wanting to attend lessons online. Keep the curriculum engaging, broad and balanced so a child can acquire an extensive bank of knowledge.

3. Using Technology to Track Attendance and Engagement

Utilising learning management systems and attendance tracking tools can help monitor student activity, participation, and attendance patterns, allowing you to identify struggling students and provide timely support.

4. Offering Flexible Learning Options

Implementing asynchronous learning with viewable video lessons on demand, and providing flexibility for assignments can also improve attendance rates. Discussing different assignment completion options, and accommodating different learning styles can make online learning more accessible and encourage attendance.

5. Attendance codes can be claimed with the right provision

Certain provisions can allow you to claim attendance codes for your students learning online. Due diligence should be conducted to ensure attendance codes can be obtained. The working together to improve attendance guidance states:

“252. Ultimately schools are responsible for the safeguarding and welfare of pupils educated off-site. Therefore, by using code B, schools are certifying that the education is supervised, and measures have been taken to safeguard the pupil.”

Explore a well-trusted online alternative provision to raise attendance

EDClass has been supporting students and helping to raise attendance rates for schools for over 15 years. Schools can claim attendance codes for their students learning remotely which positively impacts their rates.

Students also receive one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers and are fully safeguarded when on the platform.

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