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Nicola Sturgeon is expected to confirm today schools to reopen from August in Scotland.

The BBC has reported that ministers have signed off a plan for all pupils to return to the classroom from 11 August.

UK schools closed to almost all pupils on 20 March. In England, schools have reopened for key year groups with a full return intended for September

Scotland restrictions to be reviewed 

The coronavirus restrictions will be reviewed on Thursday where Sturgeon will update MSPs on progress in fighting the virus, alongside her Government’s route out of lockdown.

She has warned Scots ‘not to expect widespread changes’ – other than the announcement on schools and pausing of shielding for those most at risk from the virus.

The First Minister is expected to address MSPs in the Scottish Parliament today at 12:20pm.

The time is a little later than her normal briefing time of 12:15, because the Scottish Parliament is sitting today.

Education Secretary, John Swinney, is expected to be alongside Sturgeon for the announcement.

Schools to reopen: how far will pupils be behind?

Children could have fallen as far as 12 months behind on education, according to the Education Endowment Foundation. 

The Low Income Tax Reform Group had previously found that ‘a significant proportion of the UK is “digitally excluded” either through not having internet access or because of low levels of digital literacy’.

In some areas as many of 60-70% of students do not have laptops. Many families have been sharing devices in order for parents to work from home and children to do school work during the pandemic.

One single mother told the BBC:

Home-schooling has been hell. It is not that I don’t think I am capable or that we do not have access to materials, but I cannot do two jobs at once – I can either attempt to support my seven-year-old in doing schoolwork or try to do my own work and keep my job.

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Get students caught up quickly

The challenge for schools is to get child caught up quickly.

EDClass will work with your school to create a tailored learning pathway for your students. 

Access to 11,000 lessons means pupils are supported up to KS4. Skills gap analysis means your students can improve skills in specific areas.

A sophisticated tracking system means teachers can log in to check progress of pupils and contact them with individualised feedback in order to help them quickly catch up.

Safeguarding is the number one priority of EDClass with a range of mechanisms is available to support pupils. Pupils have access to an alert mechanism to raise the alarm in case of an emergency; there is also eyes-on learning where our team of highly trained teachers can raise concerns to anything they may see on camera. All EDClass staff are enhanced DBS checked. 

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