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Assessments with EDClass allow you to develop as you progress through your learning pathway with our bespoke methods. We provide an initial assessment to help identify your strengths and weaknesses. This then enables us to assess your progression when using the EDClass platform.

Mainstream schools and other online education platforms assess you at the very end of your learning, which we believe can be counterproductive. EDClass continuously assesses you throughout the learning process, and then on to your exams. This monitors your development and manages your learning pathway so that you can achieve the best results possible.

A study in 2020 in relation to online assessments and the pandemic found that:

“Almost half of the students felt that regular assessments can help in improving online education.”

Our system reports and tracks a student’s progress, achievements, comments, milestones and rewards. It also provides instant reports with effective feedback to teachers, parents and the students. This enables you to monitor your pathway and understand how you can overcome any weaknesses.

Online assessments can be daunting, similarly to in-school exams, however EDClass can help ensure that you are comfortable tackling your assessments to the best of your abilities.

EDClass proven to boost grades

The unique EDClass skill gap analysis model can identify areas of learning requiring improvement. With a combination of engaging content and specialist teachers, you can drastically improve your assessment grades when using EDClass.

“EDClass was used to support out Year 11 Pupil Premium GCSE Maths intervention project. We ran over 15 twilight sessions on Thursday evenings. Attainment was 20% at the start of the project in February 2014 and actual GCSE A*-C was 80% in August 2014. 3 Levels of Progress for the group was 67% and 4 Levels of Progress was 11%.


An excellent package which provided the enjoyment of interactive learning with the robust link to assessment.”

Mr Kausor Amin-Ali, Former Deputy Headteacher, Balby Community Academy

EDClass enables you to build your own assessment pathway which is mapped to your curriculum, and we can provide tests through our system to help deliver improved outcomes.
Raising attainment for students is essential. We want to see the students using the platform go beyond just sitting an assessment. We provide evidence for progression that can be reviewed and evaluated in-depth.

Our assessment methods are thoroughly tracked and monitored. EDClass implements an elaborate system that can identify areas in a learner’s knowledge that require improvement.
Resources are then allocated to a learner that can help enhance their knowledge and give them the opportunity to perform well in any assessment they undertake.

Individuals who use our assessments will be given specific support with whatever they struggle with. We cater to students of every age and ability, allowing progression for all.

EDClass can help increase your confidence with assessments

EDClass is designed to assist you with your assessments and help ensure that you will be in the best position possible when deciding what route to take in life.

Thousands of students have developed their learning by using the EDClass assessment platform. You too can benefit from using EDClass in the same way.

“I was increasingly concerned for my son that the revised GCSE English Language exam would be too difficult for my son who has autism and a language disorder. The EDClass software platform gave him the opportunity to develop his reading and writing skills at his own pace and maintain his self-esteem by providing him with a stepping stone qualification to work towards.


The presentation element of this qualification was a fantastic way to engage him and helped him become more confident with techniques to use in his writing.” 

Mrs Cusack, Parent

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