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Schools are returning full-time in September – and your priority should be those students with their GCSEs coming up who are now behind on their learning.

The return to secondary school has been led by Year 10 students, with pressure on them to get caught up quickly.

How should you go about getting students caught up and preparing them for their GCSEs? This blog post explains.

Warning for GCSE students

According to Michael Ferry, Headteacher at St Wilfrid’s Catholic School in Crawley:

There’s a lot of students who have been disadvantaged over the course of these last few months, there families have as well

If we were to go ahead and run exams as we normally would next year, we’ll be reinforcing the levels of disadvantage we’ve got across the whole of society at the moment.

What is the Government’s plan for catch up learning?

Exams body, Ofqual, have said:

Students and their parents and teachers are concerned about the disruption to teaching and learning caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Government has subsequently announced two catch up funds totalling £1bn to be spread over the next academic year. 

Could GCSEs be moved?

The Government are also having conversations regarding the moving of GCSE exams:

We will be consulting with Ofqual about how we can move exams back, giving children extra time in order to be able to learn and really flourish and do incredibly well.

Ofqual added:

We are working closely with the Department for Education, exam boards and groups representing teachers, schools, colleges and students, to carefully consider a range of possible measures. We are planning to publish consultation, before the end of term our proposals for 2021.

What can schools do to catch GCSE students up?

By investing catch up into tailored support for your students, you help them earn the best results.

By continuing to utilise online learning, you can keep track of GCSE learning outside of the classroom with instant feedback available to both the teacher and the student. 

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