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Traditional GCSE exams are returning for the first time in three years, what can non-attendees do to help towards getting a pass grade?

EdTech has played a pivotal role in ensuring students managed to continue their learning remotely. Despite a huge amount of lost learning occurring, students not attending can use certain platforms to reach their GCSE goals.

Lost learning can be recovered

According to statistics from last year:

“In autumn secondary pupils had lost 1.5 months in reading, and by the summer term were still 1.2 months behind on average. The results for secondary school students from disadvantaged backgrounds showed that they continued to fall further behind. Those who had been eligible for free school meals were 1.9 months behind in reading in autumn 2020 – and by June this year that had widened to 2.4 months.”

Considering the amount of lost learning that has occurred, the significance of online learning in aiding recovery for students is drastic. According to research:

“E-learning helps students retain five times more knowledge for every hour of learning.”

This demonstrates how GCSEs can be passed even if learning is completed online. If students are learning from home they can learn at their own pace and solely focus on their chosen 2022 exam subjects.

Instant feedback on certain platforms for students can be extremely beneficial. Coinciding with learning at your own pace, working in a comfortable setting can significantly improve results and benefit students’ mental health. According to studies:

“85% of learners say that their online learning experience was better, or at least equally as satisfactory, as their traditional face-to-face classes.”

Additionally, students can even take GCSEs privately if they’d prefer. There are several options that can be accessed for students being home-schooled or who are absent. You can find some useful help here.

Students with COVID-related anxiety don’t have to be left behind

COVID has caused thousands of students to develop COVID-related anxiety, and as a result, has kept them off from school. According to research:

“There are now more than 100,000 so-called “ghost children” in England who are off school more than they are in it.”

Despite some drawbacks, students absent from school can learn at rates that cater for their specific mental health needs.

It is crucial that an effective study to break ratio is implemented so that learning material can be absorbed properly. There is no ‘golden rule’ as to what ratio will be most effective, but a good spectrum could be for every hour of learning take at least 15-20 minutes to relax and reflect.

GCSEs are a daunting period for many students and some may find it difficult to remain focused on a task, especially at home if no proper structure is in place. Focused online courses could also be extremely useful for students to ensure learning is completed properly.

“Research indicates that online courses can be better at engaging students, boosting retention rates up to 60% in some instances.”

Students and teachers can both benefit from online remote learning. Attainment levels can be boosted when self-organised learning occurs which can also reduce teacher workload.

“The majority of all schools (53.6%) agree that online education is critical to their long-term strategy.”

Schools should help their cohorts by exploring options for their absent students to learn remotely considering how popular it has become due to the pandemic.

EDClass can help towards a GCSE pass

EDClass has been assisting thousands of students to work towards their GCSEs. The platform includes continuous assessment throughout teaching and learning and provides instant feedback on work.

UK-qualified teachers also provide support for students learning remotely and the platform has extensive safeguarding features to ensure students are in a safe learning environment.

The platform also includes content that matches the 2022 GCSE exam topics including practice past papers for students to prepare themselves. The EDClass YouTube page includes detailed videos explaining how the platform can help students. 

EDClass TV also includes over 1,300 video lessons perfect for catch-up or revision.

If you would like some more information on how EDClass can help your students if they are absent with their GCSEs, call the team on 01909 568338, send an email to or book a free online demonstration here.