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Recent teacher strikes and other circumstantial incidents can result in schools being forced to close impacting thousands of students. How can online learning help when this happens?

The mental health and wellbeing of students should be closely monitored when schools shut down; online learning can aid this. GCSEs can also be supported for those students so students aren’t left behind.

During the pandemic, there was a significant amount of lost learning due to schools closing and this resulted in students having to catch up. Schools can shut down for a variety of reasons, the most current reasons in 2023 are teacher strikes, how can students be supported?

Here are 5 ways online learning can help if schools shut down:

1. Keeps education going

An immediate positive is that online learning will ensure that education for students continues. Ensuring that students are acquiring a sufficient amount of education during school closures is imperative.

Online learning can allow designated learning pathways to be created, homework to be assigned or catch-up sessions to commence so that students can continue learning if they desire.

2. Self-paced learning

Online learning provides students with the ability to learn in a comfortable setting at their own pace. Pressures within mainstream education settings may discourage students from working properly and they may become reluctant to even attend school.

Online learning can help students have better concentration on their learning as they become more engaged with little to no distractions.

3. Broaden skills

Students can expand their technical and critical-thinking skills when learning online learning. Students can elevate their understanding of how to operate certain programs and how to offer a more methodical approach to learning rather than working in class, which some students may find mundane and repetitive.

This can be done by instantly practising skills or tips learned online via a course or visual aids and then applying them to a student’s work. For example, an online lesson might be able to illustrate how to complete a particular Math problem better than what could be explained in a classroom.

4. Supports budgets

With the rising costs in the UK, online learning could offer a more affordable option for students and their families to continue their education. Commuting costs and other fees that coincide with attending school could be minimised with online learning if the circumstances are suitable.

Online learning can also benefit schools. Teachers can assign online learning tasks for students to help them continue their education which can alleviate added pressures that may coincide with teacher strikes.

5. Students’ mental health can be supported

Students’ mental health when learning online can be positively impacted when the right support is in place. Stress can be reduced if one-to-one support is provided for students. A rapport between student and teacher can be built when self-organised learning and a pastoral wraparound approach are offered for students.

Use EDClass’ online alternative provision

EDClass is a powerful online virtual classroom where students can continue their education from a remote location that they feel most comfortable with. Students learn at their own pace and can access live support with UK-qualified teachers via text or video chat.

A pastoral wraparound approach is taken by the team so that students feel valued when learning online and can learn with a pathway that suits their specific needs.

If you would like to learn about EDClass then call 01909 568338, send an email to or book a free online demonstration here or by clicking the image below.