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Students’ behaviour has arguably worsened since the pandemic and this could be due to a culmination of several factors. Increased stress, disruption in routine and lack of engagement alongside other reasons could be why students do not fulfil their educational potential.

Finding effective solutions to transform the behaviour of students can be difficult. However, online learning could be another flexible option for students. There should always be every effort made to positively reintegrate students when possible. Government guidance outlines:

“27. Schools should support pupils to reintegrate successfully into school life and full-time education following a suspension (this may also be after a cancelled exclusion) or period of off-site direction (see paragraphs 36 to 47). They should design a reintegration strategy that offers the pupil a fresh start; helps them understand the effect of their behaviour on themselves and others; teaches them to how to meet the high expectations of behaviour in line with the school culture; fosters a renewed sense of belonging within the school community; and builds engagement with learning.”

Let’s take a look at five reasons online learning can be beneficial for students who display poor behaviour.

1. Reduced distractions online

Traditional mainstream classrooms can be distracting for students, especially those who are neurodivergent, so we must implement a solution that allows them to thrive. Online learning can allow students to focus on their learning away from the distractions of their peers. The material delivered online must include continuous assessment so a child’s knowledge and understanding can be tested.

2. Learning at own pace

Many students who exhibit lapses in behavioural judgement may do so because they find the work too challenging, or the lesson is moving at a pace they cannot keep up; they then misbehave as a result. Online learning can allow a child to work at their own pace helping to reduce anxiety and outbursts. In addition to this, bespoke and tailored-made learning pathways can be integrated which accommodate the specific needs of children struggling.

3. Increased autonomy and self-discipline

Students in mainstream classrooms can lose control of their emotions and feel misunderstood if a strategic plan hasn’t been implemented for them. Students learning online can attain ownership of their learning and fosters self-discipline and time management skills which can translate to improved behaviour over time.

4. Opportunity to build meaningful relationships

Teachers often have large class sizes and sometimes are overcrowded. This means it can be difficult for them to form effective relationships with every one of their students. This can then result in certain students misbehaving and not concentrating.

Online learning can allow students to build meaningful relationships online with those supporting them. We must ensure that asynchronous learning is combined with some form of one-to-one support whenever a child requires it. This can build trust, rapport and overall a better educational experience leading to more positive outcomes. Ultimately, better relationships can allow a student to feel a sense of belonging and pride to want to achieve well in their education.

5. Allows for better reintegration possibilities

An end goal for improving student behaviour could be to positively reintegrate them back into full-time mainstream education. Online learning can offer an extra layer of support that a student has been desiring for so long.

A hybrid approach can also be effective as it allows a student to return to school in phases and incrementally improve confidence and repair behaviour away from the classroom. This can help transform their outlook on what should be expected in school.

Use an online alternative provision

EDClass is an online alternative provision that offers one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers helping to reduce teacher workload and transform student behaviour.

The platform includes specific behaviour-repair lessons that can guide students on how to behave correctly in school. Every effort is made to positively reintegrate the child when possible back into a mainstream setting too.

If you would to learn more about EDClass and what it can offer, call 01909 56833, email or enquire for more information here.

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