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EDClass spoke to the SENDCo from St Francis of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Rachel Bowen to discuss the success of the platform to prevent an exclusion. Here is what Rachel had to say.

“EDClass has been very easy to deal with. It was easy to set up. It’s been flexible in the sense that we can extend the provision for when we need to support the learner.”

“We have a pupil in our year six who was at serious risk of PEX of permanent exclusion (PEX) and was awaiting the placement of a specialist provision as part of an EHCP. We spoke to the local authority, and it was agreed it was no longer going to be safe in school. It was our responsibility to provide 25 hours of provision for him while he was at home to meet the criteria.

We then contacted EDClass to see if they could offer us a provision for him. The added difficulty was that he was very low academically and he is pre-verbal. The lessons he accessed were only reception to year one level and he has logged in most days. By using EDClass, we can provide him with 25 hours’ worth of tuition with high-quality support.

Communication with EDClass has been easy, especially through email. Alongside this, concerning safeguarding, we get communication when the child hasn’t logged on in the morning. EDClass has been able to let us know when there or on camera and they get in touch right away. Attendance tracking is important from EDClass and his parents get on board with it too.

It’s also important that we have sight of him for the safeguarding element. Safeguarding is our responsibility, so it’s been useful that we can check on him. We can check that he’s been online and we can have sight of him. So that’s been helpful.

Alternative provision wasn’t something we needed to explore before, but this particular situation wasn’t manageable or appropriate. EDClass were able to provide that 25 hours’ worth of tuition and put a bespoke package in place for this learner, so it was very useful. We would definitely use EDClass again for other situations, such as a hybrid model.

I would recommend EDClass as it’s easy to use on a busy day when we’ve got lots of other things to do. The cost isn’t prohibitive either and it helped support a child with very specific needs.”

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