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Knowing how far your students are behind is essential – as you look to install the most appropriate catch up for students.

Unless catch-up lessons are effective, researchers predict a 3% loss in future annual earnings for pupils caught up in the pandemic.

This blog post explains how identify how far your students are behind and what to do about it.

What could be the long-term effects of students lost learning on the future economy?

Research from the Royal Society has said that lost school time caused by the pandemic could harm the UK economy for the next 65 years.

All school year groups are affected, the study says, with the impact felt through their adult lives.

“Around a quarter of the entire workforce will have lower skills, with a consequently lower growth rate,” says the research.

Previous studies into long-term damage from reduced schooling includes in Argentina where prolonged strikes were found to have reduced average earnings into mid-life, of 1.9% for women and 3.2% for men.

We know how damaging it is for children to miss out on school.

Children from low-income households in particular are more likely to lack the resources – space, equipment, home support – to engage fully with remote learning. 

Knowing how far your students are behind

You can help improve students understanding and knowledge in key areas.

A skills gap analysis is designed to identify learners gaps in their knowledge, the system will automatically assign the learner with the appropriate lessons and a pathway of topics that they need to complete.

Once they have completed their pathway another further test and diagnostic exam will be programmed to be set for the learner. The further gaps of knowledge are created and the learner moves onto a suitable pathway of learning accurate to their specific level / grade / focus.

How to get students caught up quickly

The Government has announced a £1bn fund for school catch up.

Schools Minister, Nick Gibb has said: “If you want children to catch up, it can’t just be done over the month of August – it has to be done longer term over the academic year.”

Using EDClass can support you students catch up their learning in specific areas.

11,000+ lessons are available to support students in KS3 and KS4 learn tough-to-teach subjects. Instant feedback to both pupil and teacher, means weaknesses can be eradicated and learning needs can be pinpointed.

Further, students have access to live and recorded lessons – as well as learning materials, tasks, assessments and quizzes.

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