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The coronavirus pandemic has affected education around the world. Online learning has been used in higher education in the short term, and experts have suggested this could be the start of something new.

Close to 90% of students worldwide have been deprived of education in recent months

Many universities have transitioned to online learning. But could it be here to stay? This blog post investigates.

How has higher education changed?

Students have been sent home from universities across the country.

In it’s place, all teaching and learning, lectures, seminars and supervisions have moved online.

Universities insist that they have worked hard in order to ensure students receive the same quantity and quality of teaching that would have otherwise have been provided. As far as possible, students will have their usual busy schedule of lectures, seminars and supervision. Learning resources are available online.

Is online learning the future of higher education?

According to Salah-Eddine Kandri, Global Head of Education at IFC “educators are applying a first aid solution by switching entirely from in-person to remote instruction.”

She said “the move has been forced upon them by sudden mandatory campus closures. But they are quickly realising that remote learning is just a baby step experiment in the long journey to offering online education that has been conceived as such, which includes effective student engagement tools and teacher training.”

In schools, it has been suggested that blended learning could become the new normal – and this could also become true in higher education.

How EDLounge can help

EDLounge can help you to establish hybrid education. 

With facilities to cater for online learning including live and pre-recorded lessons and functionality to include assessments, quizzes and learning resources; the system is tailored directly to your requirements.

The software is designed for use in education and safeguarding is fundamental to the system. Features including alert mechanisms and eyes-on learning means you can be assured about the safety of your pupils. Further, links to supportive UK charities are built into the system for easy access to pupils.

The system also benefits from a highly sophisticated performance tracking feature. Meaning you can instantly assess pupil development and tailor feedback to their needs.

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