Teacher strikes

5 ways online learning helps if schools shut

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Recent teacher strikes and other circumstantial incidents can result in schools being forced to close impacting thousands of students. How can online learning help when this happens?

The mental health and wellbeing of students should be closely monitored when schools shut down; online learning can aid this. GCSEs can also be supported for those students so students aren’t left behind.

During the pandemic, there was a significant amount of lost learning due to schools closing and this resulted in students having to catch up. Schools can shut down for a variety of reasons, the most current reasons in 2023 are teacher strikes, how can students be supported?

Here are 5 ways online learning can help if schools shut down:

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3 reasons why online learning is useful when teachers strike

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As we enter a period of economic uncertainty, employee disputes become more common, and that includes the education sector. Teachers tend to strike as a last resort, but when they do, it impacts students at every level. The disruption to learning can be an issue, but online learning solutions can help students overcome the challenges. Here are three ways online learning can help during teacher strikes.

Maintaining continuity of learning

One of the key aspects of a teacher strike is that students don’t attend their classes, disrupting the education routine. Most students can adapt quickly to this temporary change, but some struggle, and over time it can lead to a loss of focus or even disinterest in the learning process.

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