Remote Learning

5 benefits of online intervention

Reading time: 3 minutes

Online intervention has several benefits that students can take advantage of. Being able to identify the specific needs of students is vital to empower them to be the best version of themselves.

Why do some students struggle to progress in a mainstream setting? Mental health challenges, absenteeism and low-level disruptive behaviour are just a few reasons why some students find it difficult.

So how could remote learning and online intervention be so beneficial to schools and students? Here are five benefits of online intervention that you can look to deploy within your establishment.

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How to offer timely and effective support for students remotely

Reading time: 3 minutes

Students learning remotely need timely and effective support if they are to succeed in their education. What needs to be in place and how can it be done?

The vicious cycle for students needs to be broken and this can be achieved by finding the most suitable solution for a student. Students over the past few years have felt abandoned, especially those in alternative provisions. Assurances need to be created so students have enough support whilst learning remotely and they feel valued.

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How remote teaching can be safeguarded effectively

Reading time: 4 minutes

Remote teaching has emerged to be an incredible resource for students across the UK, especially those who cannot access mainstream education. However, these students must be safeguarded to the highest degree.

With recent surges in the number of teachers being banned, it is now vital that the benefits of EdTech are integrated with sophisticated safeguarding measures to ensure a student’s safety.
According to a recent iNews article, there has now been a “five-year high” in the number of teachers being banned concerning sexual misconduct allegations. The article states:

“In total, 108 teachers across England were handed lifetime bans from the profession last year – the highest number in five years.”

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Why is game-based learning important at home?

Reading time: 2 minutes

Game Based Learning plays an important role in teaching and learning.

Gaming creates a dynamic that can inspire learners to develop skills and build an emotion connection to learning and subject matter.

Why is it important to engage with learning at home and how can games based learning help achieve this?

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Top 10 educational games to keep children occupied

Reading time: 2 minutes

Many parents are unsure how to entertain their children following school closures announced on Wednesday.

The decision has crated an uncertain time for parents and pupils. Many parents do not want education to cease.

But how should you keep children occupied during the period, and how can you ensure education continues? This blog post is the top 10 educational games to keep children occupied.

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