Is the six-week summer holiday too long?

Reading time: 3 minutes

The summer holidays are either a time that parents are excited for or one that they cannot wait to be over. For many working parents, it can be the latter as care has to be arranged during the week while they are working unless one is able to save up holiday time at work over the year.

Activities need to be planned, and friends hosted or visited. After working hard at school, the kids deserve a break, but is the six-week holiday a bit long? Should it be shortened down, or maybe even extended?

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Should Students Be Allowed to Go On Holiday During Term Time?

Reading time: 2 minutes

In May 2016, the High Court deemed that it was acceptable and within the law for parents to take their children on holiday during term time – a move that was stated as a victory for those with common sense among supporters.

Despite this ruling, the topic has still been one of controversy among parents and teachers alike, raising debate and question about the quality of education a child on holiday during term time can receive.

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