Should the school day start later?

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If you’re a teacher reading this through tired eyes, the chances are that you would be thankful for an extra hour in bed.

As it turns out, it seems that your corner is being backed by a number of UK research groups who have laid the groundwork for starting the school day later. One of the most recent reports has even stated that schools should begin at 10am.

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Controlling Classroom Lateness

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Late arrivals to a classroom are disruptive to the flow of the teaching and to the concentration levels of the rest of the pupils. Those who are chronic offenders are often missing out on important information and allowing the problem to continue will lead to them being late even more often. This can then encourage those who are punctual to join in the feeling of apathy and lack of personal time management.

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Parents fined for lateness

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A school in Milton Keynes has caused debate today as they have warned parents that they will be implementing a fine if their children are late for school 10 times in a 12 week term (BBC, Jan 2014).

I think it is important that cases should be individually reviewed, identifying any underlying causes that are preventing pupils arriving to school on time. Some pupils may have extenuating circumstances and this should be taken into consideration when implementing any kind of penalty system. This includes providing help for pupils and their families to combat any intrinsic problems that are having this effect on the pupil’s education.

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