Transition to Year 7: Don’t let pupils fall behind

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The catch up process for students who have been missing from education is now underway – and focus must turn to pupils on the transition from Year 6 to Year 7.

The Telegraph has reported that “children in Year 7 might need to be retaught parts of the English and maths syllabus from their final year at primary school“.

Your tutoring is at the heart of producing a catch up programme which enables KS3 pupils reach their potential. But when should it start and what can be done to help? This blog post explains.

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Don’t like your new school or class?

Reading time: 2 minutes

Moving up a school or entering a new class is tough and, although it probably doesn’t feel like it, even the most confident, outgoing of people can feel as though they’re well out of their depth during this time.

If you’re struggling with this process, then first realise that you’re not alone. Then read on and find out how you can adapt to your new surroundings.

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Transition from Primary to Secondary

Reading time: 2 minutes

For most of us, the first day in a new school was so long ago we have almost entirely forgotten the anxiety and fear of taking the leap from primary to secondary.

As each summer term draws to a close, we must try to sympathise with the children experiencing a whirlwind of emotions in order to support and guide the transition of taking the next step in their lives.

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