3 reasons reading is essential for development

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The pandemic caused a massive loss in learning, particularly reading. Pupil’s mental health and well-being were also impacted and improving this will still take time. It’s crucial to support children’s development and aspirations and this can be initiated by implementing fundamental reading skills.

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World Storytelling Day: how to embrace reading during school closures

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Today (20 March) is World Storytelling Day celebrated around the world. With school closures coming into effect on Friday, children can embrace reading to prevent feeling bored over the period. have said: “Planning activities for kids at home is a way to break up the day. It might include time for some chores, a daily walk, reading time and board games.”

But how should you go about embracing reading?

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World Book Day: Prepare for GCSE English exams on EDLounge

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Today (5 March) is World Book Day with many schools dressing children in fancy dress to celebrate the occasion.

Literacy critics have warned that in primary schools and some secondary schools, the day has become less about reading and more about dressing up.

800 libraries have closed down since 2010, so is it time we changed the focus back to reading? And what books are studied by students up to GCSE?

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