Online Teaching

A day in the life of an online teacher

Reading time: 6 minutes

Teaching as a whole has broadened, especially in recent years and online learning has opened up endless possibilities to help children reach their education potential. But, what does a day look like for an online teacher in comparison to a teacher in a mainstream school setting?

We thought it was a good idea to give you some insight into what teaching online is truly like from an online alternative provision perspective. Our maths teacher, Steph Lowes, sat down and discussed her day-to-day and the impact teaching online can truly have on transforming a child’s experience with education.

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Balancing work and home when you work from home

Reading time: 3 minutes

We knew it was coming. It had been weeks in the planning. Sam has spent last weekend creating various Skype groups (including one for “General Chit Chat”) to ensure all eventualities were covered.

On Monday, we had an all-staff meeting to discuss how it was going to work. From Tuesday we would be working from home.

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