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Home education support success

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Providing education support for children who struggle to attend school or have complex challenges can be difficult to navigate. However, there are suitable solutions out there that can assist with home education and implementing the right support for children. 

EDClass had the privilege of speaking with the head of therapy and business development from Bibic, Chelsey Oxley to discuss why they have recommended the provider to parents who require an effective home education solution. Relating to Bibic’s services, Chelsey said: 

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Pupils cannot attend, education continues

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Home education could be set to take centre stage in the UK as the coronavirus outbreak continues to affect schools here and around the world.

Today, the UK Government released fresh guidelines so that schools know what to do with pupils who show symptoms of Covid-19.

But what should a school do with the suspected pupils? What happens to the pupil and staff that they come into contact with, and how can home education help?

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