Low on school budget? Here’s why an online alternative provision can help

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Budgeting of schools has always been an issue in the country. Recently, more and more schools are facing individual school budget exclusions. Schools have had to juggle their resource allocation impacting the quality of education delivered to students. With the quality being compromised, the students, as well as the teachers, suffer in the long run. These budget exclusions impact the future of the children. Hence, schools and concerned authorities need to decide on an alternative solution to make up for the compromised levels of education.

All of these school budgets result from cost savings and efficiencies. There are constant budget pressures, and over seventy per cent of the school expenses go to staffing and instruction. However, some creative solutions need to be devised so that these school budget reductions don’t negatively affect the student’s education and the school’s atmosphere.

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Tips to save on school budgets

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Saving money for a school budget is the desired outcome for many establishments within the education sector. Why is this and can an online alternative provision assist?

EDClass’ teacher, David Hickey, taught as a headteacher across schools in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire and highlighted how schools should take appropriate steps to ensure that they accommodate their budget requirements. Mr Hickey said:

“Schools should consider collaborating together and sharing costs with other schools in terms of staffing and how they share their resources. Certain schools, that aren’t necessarily academies, may have a soft federation within the school and share things with children so they don’t feel left out.”

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