5 strategies to impact whole-school attainment

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The standards for a school improvement plan, also known as a SIP, might vary from state to state. Still, its overall objective is always the same: to establish goals, strategies, and action actions to improve the overall quality of the education that kids receive. In most cases, the objectives of school improvement plans are matched with the outcome measures of statewide examinations. A school strategy should be a well-documented plan that outlines the long-term goals your institution has set for itself and the path it intends to take to reach those goals. Five of the best strategies to bring whole-school attainment are given below:

Reducing teacher workload to improve pupil outcomes

A teacher who is less worried, less pressurised, and more rested is likely to be more energetic in the classroom. This is something that should go without saying, but we can always hope that it does. This does get transmitted to the students as well, impacting their class performance. While the amount of work may increase owing to changes in the law, which is unavoidable, the institution should do its best to decrease teacher workload.

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