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Tracking students’ progress, whether during physical classes or remote classes, is vital for determining their potential and how effective learning and teaching methods have been for them. Tracking students’ progress is not only important for teachers but also vital for students themselves and their parents. Furthermore, numerous other reasons make it important for educators and teachers to keep a track of a student’s progress remotely. Here are the various other reasons that make tracking students’ progress remotely important:

1. Helps make informed decisions regarding teaching methods

Student’s academic progress depends upon the way they are taught and how effective the method of teaching is. When teaching through different methods, it becomes vital to keep track, so that teachers know what they are doing right and wrong. Measuring students’ progress regularly helps determine what kind of teaching methodology is most effective for which student. Furthermore, it helps to know where the teachers are lacking and how can they improve. Hence, tracking students’ performance and progress remotely can help make informed decisions regarding students and teaching methods.

2. Helps track and evaluate teachers’ performance

The success of a teacher depends upon the academic success of the student. How teachers teach and explain is vital, as their teaching method and way are what make a student excel academically. Educational institutions and schools can also figure out which teacher and teaching style is good for their students and which is not. Tracking students’ progress will help them evaluate their teachers and quickly act if they sense something wrong or if something is not going the way it should be. And if the need arises, educational institutions can also provide additional training for their teachers so that they can teach their students effectively.

3. Helps parents to keep track of their children’s performance

While teaching remotely or not, there is only so much that teachers can do. They can teach through different methods, ways, and platforms and employ a bunch of varied techniques. Teachers might even put in more work than they might be asked to. But ultimately, it is the students’ determination and passion to succeed that help them climb the ladder of academic success. Teachers can rack how much effort a particular student is putting into the class, but they can’t know what students do outside of class. In this sense, keeping track of students’ progress remotely and keeping their parents informed can help parents monitor their child’s activity and give them a gentle push every now and then. This also helps build a good rapport between teachers and parents.

4. Helps students know how they are performing

The end goal of any analysis and progress evaluation is to inform students about how they have been performing academically. Keeping track of students’ progress is not only helpful for teachers, institutes, and parents, but more vital for students. Regularly monitoring students’ progress remotely through different means and methods and informing students about it can help them understand how fruitful their efforts have been. Moreover, teachers can also give valuable feedback to students about where they have been lacking, so that they can improve themselves and perform better next time. This can help put students more in control of their learning and work towards success with more diligence and rigour.

5. Remote measurement and tracking is more efficient

Remote measurement may seem a bit tiring or complicated task. However, thanks to constant progress and advancement, teachers now have the option and access to numerous tools and platforms that can effectively and efficiently track students’ progress in just a matter of seconds, making teachers’ tasks easier. Online tools make use of advanced AI-based technology that can figure out where students lack and where they should put in more effort. Plus, these tools lack human error and human biases that may come up in offline assessments. Hence, employing remote tracking methods gives much better and more efficient results.


Tracking students’ performance and success remotely is crucial as mentioned above. Furthermore, tracking students remotely is much easier and more efficient compared to offline evaluations. Thanks to remote measurement and trackers, teachers, students, parents and institutes can get progress reports and evaluations in a short amount of time, helping them make better decisions in time. For the sake of student success and academic progress, it is vital to have regular remote progress tracking of students.

Consider using EDClass 

EDClass is an online alternative provision that allows students to learn remotely from a setting they are most comfortable with. Students also get one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers with their academic studies and wellbeing.

Students’ progress is also tracked and this includes attendance and understanding of particular topics and content. Following an initial diagnostic test identifying a student’s needs, a bespoke learning pathway is integrated that allows for progression with sophisticated tracking measures.

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