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5 ways online alternative provision can improve your Ofsted grading

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Ofsted gradings are crucial for a school’s reputation, and whatever alternative provision a school uses could be detrimental to its final evaluation.

An online alternative provision, with the correct measures in place, could be beneficial for schools in search of a solution to support their students in need.

Recently, unregistered alternative provisions have come under scrutiny concerning their authenticity and usefulness. However, there are online alternative provisions that can address many students’ challenges they may be experiencing.

Schools have the responsibility to choose the best provision that can meet the certain needs of a student. According to statistics:

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Importance of defibrillators in schools

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With initiatives to roll out defibrillators in schools, there has been a significant debate about whether they are needed or not. Defibrillators are essential equipment for dealing with cardiac incidents and can be the difference between life and death for any potential patient. With thousands of cases of sudden cardiac arrest occurring every year, less than 10% survive, and of those that do, having access to a defibrillator within minutes of the incident is a key factor.

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Benefits of twilight sessions to impact behaviour and whole-school improvement

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School hours are limited, and educators often feel the impact of this time constraint on the quality of education. Additionally, these educators often feel exhausted from dealing with students with disruptive behaviour. Outstanding teaching and learning depend on effective continuing professional development (CPD).

The solution for improving the quality of teaching and service educators provide is the twilight session organised by the school authorities. These sessions aim to deliver teacher training and contribute to the whole-school improvement.

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What to prepare for in Ofsted inspections

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Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services, and Skills. This governmental body is responsible for regularly inspecting services providing education to young learners. These services range from childminders to training providers, schools to local authorities. The governmental body further uncovers what they find in the inspection. These findings are then shared with Parliament, parents, carers, and commissioners.

The other side of the story is that the inspections aimed at improving the quality of education at all levels might seem tedious to the institutions. However, schools and other educational institutions can successfully prepare their best to qualify for these inspections.

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