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Students learning remotely need timely and effective support if they are to succeed in their education. What needs to be in place and how can it be done?

According to the 2022 SEND Review, Right support, Right place, Right time:

As more children and young people receive EHCPs and attend specialist settings, more financial resource and workforce capacity is pulled to the specialist end of the system, meaning that there is less available to deliver early intervention and effective, timely support in mainstream settings. As a result, the vicious cycle continues with outcomes and experiences for children and young people continuing to suffer, and cost pressures increasing.

The vicious cycle for students needs to be broken and this can be achieved by finding the most suitable solution for a student. Students over the past few years have felt abandoned, especially those in alternative provisions. Assurances need to be created so students have enough support whilst learning remotely and they feel valued.

Assure student safety when they learn remotely

Safeguarding should be paramount for students learning remotely. Designated Safeguarding Leads need to be aware of any incident that occurs with their students so it can be addressed and dealt with urgently. This can allow for a secure learning environment so students can focus solely on their learning.

Additionally, a pastoral wraparound approach from teachers or support staff can help students reignite their passion for their learning. Students learning remotely will still need guidance and support to ensure they are on track with their education.

Also, a student will need to have support with their mental health and wellbeing when they are learning remotely. Having regular wellbeing checks with students will be able to enlighten staff of any irregularities that could be emerging and then a proper support plan can be put in place so that it isn’t detrimental in the long run.

Clear overview needed for students

A student’s needs should be identified so that a bespoke learning pathway can be integrated for them. This can allow for areas for improvement to be examined and highlight where the focus should be centred towards. Also, integrating continuous assessment can help maintain focus by testing abilities rather than constantly scrolling through reading material.

Having one-to-one support from staff will also allow any questions to be answered that a student may be having. Having timely support that can have instantaneous feedback can help the student progress at a quicker rate. This can be delivered effectively remotely thanks to the advancement of technology and video conferencing capabilities.

It is also important to track the progress of a student learning remotely. This can be achieved by setting targets and assessments and evaluating the progress of the outcomes.

How EDClass can support learners

EDClass’ online alternative provision can support students remotely through one-to-one support from UK-qualified teachers.

Students are supported with their wellbeing alongside their academic development with EDClass’ teaching team ensuring students are safe and well whilst they learn.

You can access EDClass’ latest white paper which discusses myth-busting unregistered alternative provisions and the benefits they can provide by clicking here.

If you would like to learn more about EDClass and how it can offer timely and effective support for students remotely then call 01909 568338, send an email to, book here or by clicking the image below.