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Newly qualified teachers may be expected to be in the classroom continuously, however, remote learning has broadened their responsibilities. Here are some tips for NQTs.

Schools can close for a variety of reasons, such as teacher strikes, bad weather or unforeseen circumstances. NQTs need to be prepared for anything that can happen to ensure students are still supported effectively remotely. Here are three tips for NQTs when they have to support students remotely.

1. Have a pastoral wraparound approach

Have a careful approach to students learning remotely and allow them to work at a comfortable pace. This should be engrained within your teaching delivery regardless, but it is good to allow students to remain composed when learning online.

Always be on standby for students when they are learning and offer support whenever they feel stuck. This will ensure students feel valued and listened to and overall this can benefit them greatly.

2. Be prepared for anything

This can include having a curriculum in mind as a backup for students when they learn online with suitable resources that accommodate each learner’s specific needs.

Also, there could be behavioural challenges that need to be addressed which can be difficult to manage when online. Ensure that you remain calm and formulate a relaxed conversation with the student.

3. Engage intently in the one-to-ones

One-to-one meetings will be extremely beneficial for those students who may be struggling with their mental health or any of their studies.

This can also enable NQTs to become delivering lessons and communications in different ways to enhance their communication skills.

This can also be a good opportunity for CPD. Make the most of partaking in online courses, such as online safeguarding, as these can include valuable knowledge that can benefit you in the long term.

EDClass’ Online Alternative Provision

EDClass provides one-to-one support for students learning remotely with support from UK-qualified teachers.

Teachers can provide effective support to students remotely and safeguard them simultaneously with sophisticated measures integrated.

If you would like to learn more about EDClass and what it can offer then call the team on 01909 568338, send an email to, or book a free online demonstration here or by clicking the image below.